Deities of Itora

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The deities of Itora comprise the Greater Deities and a number of lesser deities or deities outside the standard pantheon.


Lesser idols

Otherworldly beings had always existed and been able to lend some degree of power to mortals. With the Greater Deities having stepped away from direct influence on material planes, beings of lesser but still immense power arose and gained some degree of divine power themselves.

The Pantheon of Itora

Greater Deities

The following deities are the Greater Deities and are widely considered "true gods" in terms of power and status.

Name Epithet Alignment Domains Pantheon
Amilyos The Silver Jester Chaotic Neutral Trickery, Knowledge, Arcana Elven
Arthys The Madame Chaotic Neutral Tempest, Arcana, Trickery Human
Boathus The Siegemaster Lawful Neutral Forge, Knowledge, War Dwarven
Cordelia The Lady of the Forest Chaotic Neutral Twilight, Trickery, Nature Fey
Dhyos The Astral Diviner Chaotic Good Arcana, Light, Tempest Human
Dronlo The Harbinger of the Eclipse True Neutral Death, Grave, Order Orc
Enokro The Chosen Star Neutral Good Grave, Life, Death Orc
Fextus The Centurion Magistrate Lawful Good Order, Forge, Life Dwarven
Ghylana The Valkyrie Champion Lawful Neutral War, Order, Death Human
Ilaso The Sunkissed Saint Chaotic Good Life, Nature, Grave Orc
Ire TBD Chaotic Good Undeath, Resurrection TBD
Kaeyari The Shadow Maven Lawful Evil Tempest, Twilight, Death Human
Lavenus The Dusk Sage Chaotic Good Knowledge, Twilight, Peace Fey
Onyeur The Seelie Magus Neutral Evil Twilight, Arcana, War Fey
Rian The Starborn Knight True Neutral Light, Forge, War Elven
Soayeri The Wildmother Neutral Good Nature, Tempest, Light Elven
Vadixus The Stormbreaker Chaotic Evil War, Forge, Tempest Dwarven

Lesser idols

Name Alignment Divine Domains Warlock Patron Provinces
Bhilkydd Unknown Unknown Fiend
Kallas Unknown Tempest, Knowledge, Order Fathomless