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One-shots are self-contained episodes featuring TTRPG gameplay. Most one-shots are standalone works, though some feature sequels that are themselves self-contained narratives.

Set in Itora

Title Canonicity System Notes
"X Marks the Map" (1xOS01) Campaign 1 Dungeons & Dragons 5e
"Mirror Mirror" (1xOS02) Campaign 1 Dungeons & Dragons 5e
"Debt Collector" (1xOS03) Campaign 1 Dungeons & Dragons 5e
"No Cold Feet" (1xOS04) Campaign 1 Dungeons & Dragons 5e
"The Heart Caper" (1xOS05) Campaign 1 Dungeons & Dragons 5e
"Vault 4: Part 1 - Disillusioned" (OSx02) Canon Dungeon World
"Vault 4: Part 2 - Awakening" (OSx03) Canon Dungeon World
"Masquerade" (OSx04) Canon Dungeon World

Other Settings

Title Setting System Notes
"Corporeal Beast" (OSx01) Gielinor (RuneScape) Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Session information

No. Title DM System Session date
1 "Corporeal Beast" (OSx01) Bunnies Dungeons & Dragons 5e 2021-03-14
A small group of adventurers set out into the Wilderness with the ultimate goal of defeating a powerful beast for glory and reward.
2 "X Marks the Map" (1xOS01) Bunnies Dungeons & Dragons 5e 2021-11-12
Magpie manages to procure a treasure map rumored to lead to something powerful and lost to time. Versa and Ricoril travel with the crew of the Avarice toward Blancgarten to investigate this lead.
3 "Mirror Mirror" (1xOS02) Bunnies Dungeons & Dragons 5e 2022-01-22
4 "Debt Collector" (1xOS03) Bunnies Dungeons & Dragons 5e 2022-01-29 to 2022-02-23
5 "No Cold Feet" (1xOS04) Bunnies Dungeons & Dragons 5e 2022-03-19
6 "The Heart Caper" (1xOS05) Bunnies Dungeons & Dragons 5e 2022-05-08
7 "Vault 4: Part 1 - Disillusioned" (OSx02) Bunnies Dungeon World 2022-12-11
8 "Vault 4: Part 2 - Awakening" (OSx03) Bunnies Dungeon World TBA
9 "Masquerade" (OSx04) Bunnies Dungeon World TBA