Corporeal Beast

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"Corporeal Beast"
Session no.Session 1
Session dateMarch 14, 2021
DMarty – TiKTikBOOM
Maes – Meslywyn
Nixup – Akta
Bunnies as the Game Master
Session order
"Illusions of Grandeur" (1x06)
"Granny's Cookie Tin" (1x07)
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"Corporeal Beast" (OSx01) is a one shot, taking place in a RuneScape-inspired setting. A small group of adventurers set out into the Wilderness with the ultimate goal of defeating a powerful beast for glory and reward.



The group finds themselves almost giddy with anxious anticipation. A dangerous trek lays before them. They've gathered your ragtag team of random adventurers, drawn together by a desire to defeat this mythical beast rumored to sleep deep within the Wilderness. Strength in numbers and all that. They have geared up to fight this unique foe, who is rumored to be weak to spears and has a particular penchant for snacking on summoned creatures.

They stand before the consecrated trench that separates civilization from the barren and charred landscape that lies before you. Their destination lies hours ahead with untold dangers in between.


The group encounters a priest of Zamorak inside a ruined temple to Zamorak who was performing rituals with the bones of the recently deceased.


A lone PKer attempts to ambush the group, but the party kill him.

The Lair

Featured characters

Player characters

  • Akta
  • Meslywyn
  • TiKTikBOOM


  • Priest of Saradomin
  • Pker
  • Corporeal Beast and Dark Energy Cores