Illusions of Grandeur

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"Illusions of Grandeur"
Campaign 1 session
Session no.Session 6
Session dateFebruary 27, 2021
Start dateApril 22, 353 WSK
End dateApril 25, 353 WSK
Bunnies as the Dungeon Master
Narrative chronology
"Religions and Magic and Poisons (Oh My!)" (1xDT02)
"Granny's Cookie Tin" (1x07)
Session order
"Religions and Magic and Poisons (Oh My!)" (1xDT02)
"Corporeal Beast" (OSx01)
List of Campaign 1 sessions

"Illusions of Grandeur" (1x06) is the 6th session of the first campaign of Itora.

With new mounts acquired, the party set out to the reported location of the wanted criminal Captain Vice. Upon arriving, Versa reveals her connections to the current Captain Vice. She reunites with old crewmates, and the party hatch a scheme to harass Captain Vice when she returns early the next morning.


The party reconvene after their week of downtime, without Versa. They quickly find her making a tearful farewell to her rowboat, Rice, as she prepared to sell it. Lurtak and Pine say a few words for the soon-to-be departed, then discuss their downtime activities.[1]

The party visits Jerry’s Bull-o-rama Stables to purchase horses and saddles. Versa, disguised as Captain Morris to get a discount for Lurtak’s warhorse, succeeds in paying “half up front” with no intent to pay the other half later. Equipped with new mounts, the group head back through Corthon Woods, further west than before.

Pirate Cove

Several days of travel later, the group reach the bay. Versa disguises as her old friend Afiqa as the party approaches. They are stopped by a guard who asks them to declare themselves, ultimately letting them pass through.

Upon entering the settlement, the party notices a tortle lounging in a chair, looking towards the bay. Versa approaches her, still under the disguise. She irritates Lure, who eventually finds out that illusions are at work, and dispels Versa’s Disguise Self, finding her former captain, long-assumed dead, standing before her. The group, along with Kevin, go into Lure’s office and discuss what happened to Versa, what Magpie has become, and what happens next. Versa is referred to as Alta by Lure, revealed as the name she used to use before assuming the title of Captain Vice.

Versa breaks into Magpie’s office with a clever distraction from Lurtak with the Hat of Vermin, involving throwing a frog at an approaching guard. She searches the office, but doesn't find much of interest outside a half-finished romance novel, and slips back out.

Midnight Stakeout

Lure informs the party that the Avarice is set to arrive back that night or very early the next morning. The party decides to have Pine meet with Magpie as she disembarks, with the rest hiding in the shadows watching. Pine naps at the inn while the rest of the party stand watch in the woods. At 1am, Pine is awoken by Lure, told that the ship would be incoming.

The ship docks and the crew file off, with Magpie being the last one out. She greets Pine with an odd familiarity for a first encounter, and gestures for him to follow her to her office. As a disguised Versa stealths up to eavesdrop, she hears a conversation about a shared patron between Magpie and Pine.

Undetected, the party trails the two of them after they leave the building. Versa uses minor illusions to imitate the sound of her voice above Magpie’s head. After several instances of this, a brief scuffle ensues. Magpie is unable to determine the true identity or location of her assailant, and Versa slips away into the night.

Versa doubles back to the Avarice, attempting to break in, but found some form of magic blocking her entry. She applies Fraxinella poison that burns in sunlight on the west side of the ship, hoping to have it catch fire later in the day.

Pine regroups with the party after traveling to the tavern with Magpie, and the party decide to take a long rest in the woods, away from the settlement at 4am.

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