An Elaborate Ruse

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"An Elaborate Ruse"
Campaign 1 session
Session no.Session 9
Session dateApril 3, 2021
Start dateApril 27, 353 WSK
End dateMay 4, 353 WSK
Bunnies as the Dungeon Master
Narrative chronology
"Kinky" (1x08)
"The Crossroads" (1x10)
Session order
"Kinky" (1x08)
"The Crossroads" (1x10)
List of Campaign 1 sessions

"An Elaborate Ruse" (1x09) is the 9th session of the first campaign of Itora.

Taking a pit stop in Daith to resupply and meet with Ronala and Einhard, the party sets off toward Blisridge with the ultimate destination of Versa’s hidden treasure horde and meeting Sela along the way. Versa sets in motion a fake kidnapping scenario in an attempt to mess with Magpie.


Members of the party experience vivid dreams. Lurtak relived a traumatic experience on his former ship with some increased clarity. Versa was transported to her old ship as well, discovering that her dagger had taken on new powers and a degree of sentience. Gael woke up in a fey forest and was granted a minor audience with Cordelia.

Before they depart, Pine makes several Sendings. A pair to Versa’s old ally Afiqa, who remains unconvinced of the trustworthiness that Versa is alive, but would be willing to provide aid if they meet in Ockburn. One sending to Warble, a former crewmate to Versa, finds that they are safe.


The party travels to Daith, arriving midday. They are greeted with a large crowd in the city’s main plaza. On stage are two figures, who are introduced as Prince Addis and Princess Ozawa, Rottian Exemplars - powerful both politically and in combat. They greet an adoring crowd with assurances of a standard visit, though many whispered of a more grim purpose to their presence.

A hooded assassin fire magic at Prince Addis but it is skilfully Counterspelled by Ozawa. Many onlookers point out the perpetrator, as Royal guards quickly push through the crowd to subdue them. He is taken and manacled, with Gael lifting their hood with an invisible mage hand to reveal a young, blond haired human man. Most of the crowd disperse, even after the Exemplars’ affirmations of safety and condemnation of the act. The rest of the party move on, but Gael sticks around to listen to many citizens voicing their concerns and wishes to them, until the Exemplars depart under heavy guard toward the Apex district.

Daith Errands

Versa and Lurtak travel to the Mytharium, in search of information about beings powerful of being a warlock patron, poisons, and How To Be A Wizard For Dummies materials. Expressing interest in speaking to the Nothic again, Zolio Ethris informs Versa they are attempting to cure the Nothic, and the means of the treatment don’t allow communication with it on short notice. He agrees to pass on the question regarding what the Nothic’s riddle meant.

The party meet up and purchase a variety of basic supplies and a few magical items.

Heading over to the Elmira estate, the party find that Einhard has been hard at work and has a fully fledged lab in the basement. They’ve been working on all sorts of inventions, including a homunculus servant. They ask Versa what it should look like, and they ultimately decides to have it take the form of a tiny Versa with fairy wings.

Versa warns Einhard and Ronala about Magpie, showing them what she looks like, and discussed what happened to Fueryon and D’Bonk. Versa leaves to sends out two letters to the pirate cove, one a letter to Magpie and another a fake ransom note, along with a single sending stone, with Versa keeping the other.

Ronala allows the party to spend the night. Versa and Lurtak craft with Einhard’s assistance.

To Blisridge

The party depart Daith, traveling down the highway toward Blisridge. Pine casts Sending to Warble again and find out they are living in a village in the Sleeping Wilds north of Turnden. The next day, Versa receives a Sending from Zolio that the Nothic was uncooperative, unfortunately, and he will keep her posted.

Later in their travel, a force takes hold of Versa, causing her to veer off the highway on her horse towards a cluster of trees. Gael uses Charm Person and successfully overpowers the effect. After they left the area, Gael drops the spell, causing Versa to become paralyzed for several minutes and fall off the horse.

Sela's Task

Finally arriving at Blisridge, Pine casts Sending to Sela, who is caught on short notice, but agrees to meet with them at the previously mentioned location, the Tinderwick Pub. The party continue the remaining distance and arrive at Blisridge. They negotiate an exchange of services; Sela will provide the previously agreed reward and a Teleport to the party’s intended location in exchange for first accompanying her on her task a few days away in the Sleeping Wilds. The party agree and set off.

They encounter a lumbering Ogre, attempting to boil some halflings for their pack of dogs. With little effort, the party vanquish the Ogre and free the halflings, receiving a pouch of 50 gold for their efforts.

Versa receives a message through the Sending stone from a furious Magpie, who throws accusations of lying since she couldn’t cast Scrying on Versa successfully. Gael replies saying to wait an hour and try again. The party attempt an elaborate deception. Versa unattunes from her necklace, is roughed up by Lurtak and sits in a nondescript location as Gael - shapeshifted and wearing a cloak - yells at Versa and paces around. Gael then receives multiple Sendings from Kismet, saying that they wish to arrange a meeting, asking for a date and location. The party give the location of the southeast coast of the Sagawood in 3 days. Kismet replies they will arrive in six days, and the party agrees to the extension.

They finish traveling southwest down the highway and retire for a successful long rest, leveling up to Level 6.

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