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I came here to see if you had changed or died, and I guess that would've been a change too, but you've done neither so byeeeee.
— Gael to their mother, Dierdre Rhiannon[1]

Gael Rhiannon is a changeling ranger / cleric. He is played by GuardianAngel.



As a changeling, Gael's appearance can change (known as Masks) to suit their mood or needs. Unless otherwise stated, they retain several physical traits and style choices between all masks. They typically have completely blackened eyes. Their attire reflects the Summer Court; warm colored cloth of a light material go with the auburn leathers of their armor, sandy yellow folds into flowing overcoats, and tan accents go with sashes. Any metals worn are never of iron; gold, silver, or coppers are the only thing they accept for buckles or belts. Notably they don't wear shoes.

True Form (he/they)
Pale skin with a tinge of pink with very pastel almost whitish hair, grown long and pulled into an intricate braid that frames the face and goes down the back. A broad and flat nose with sharp features and curling horns over faun like ears go with their satyr like hooves. Completely black eyes fill their sockets with a startling changeling visage.
Human (they/them)
Tan skin and ashy brown hair that's shaved on both sides. An average human size (5'2") with ambiguous features. Irises nearly pitch black but otherwise normal.
Half-Elf (he/him)
Their most common mask when in non-familiar company. Dark Chocolatey Skin with black braided hair pulled into a top bun. His face isnt clean shaven with a goatee and his softer features betray his elven ears. Otherwise a slightly lanky build (5'8"). Again with deep dark irises.
Elf (she/her)
Fair but lively skin with blonde hair braided and pulled into a half ponytail. Sharp features and long ears show an obvious elf heritage. Tall and lean (6') with striking black pools for irises.


Avoids iron, not because it physically harms him, but because it makes him uncomfortable.

Gael is a devout follower of Cordelia, and seeks her guidance often through meditation and prayer.



Gael was born on May 29, 333 WSK to Dierdre Rhiannon in Jarren's Outpost. Their father was a satyr who beguiled their mother, leaving her unaware of the nature of the child she would bear. Their father disappeared before they were old enough to remember him. Their mother was frightened of the young changeling, betraying a promise made to her father that the child would not be harmed. She put Gael into iron shackles to restrain them, thinking that their fey heritage came with weakness to iron - it didn't. In secret Gael would slip from their chains and practice with their mother's bow and hunt, stashing away resources for the night they would escape.

In 348 WSK, the growing desire to track down their father led Gael to finally made their escape from their mother. After weeks on their own, they were found by a group of adventurers. Gael was lucky that they were quick to befriend instead of becoming foe. Gael stayed at the party's base in the Sagawood for several years, training until they were experienced enough to begin their own journey. During this time, they party came and went as they completed adventures of their own. One day, in 352 WSK, the party left for a standard adventure and did not return. Gael waited patiently for a year, but the group ultimately never came back. They decided that there was nothing left for them there, so they walked west in search of their own adventure.

"The Fey Swap" (1x03)

Soon after their departure from the Sagawood, they went in search of fey crossings in order to track down their father. This led them to cross paths with Friend and Friends, and join their group in the name of mutual interest.



Friend is Gael's Woodland Companion who has been by their side throughout their adventuring career. Originally in the form of a small albino fawn, their connection has grown both emotionally and magically, allowing Friend to assume many more forms.


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  2. See "Vault 4: Part 2 - Awakening" (OSx03).  As a result of their time spent on an island in the middle of the Sagawood, Gael aged approximately 10 years


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