The Fey Swap

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"The Fey Swap"
Campaign 1 session
Session no.Session 3
SystemD&D 5th Edition
Session dateJanuary 16, 2021
Start dateApril 5, 353 WSK
End dateApril 7, 353 WSK
GuardianAngelFueryon, Gael
Bunnies as the Dungeon Master
Narrative chronology
"Fighting for Statues and Banjos" (1xDT01)
"Dreaming of a Realm Beyond" (1x04)
Session order
"Fighting for Statues and Banjos" (1xDT01)
"Dreaming of a Realm Beyond" (1x04)
List of Campaign 1 sessions

"The Fey Swap" (1x03) is the 3rd session of the first campaign of Itora.

The party pick up a new member, some new quests, but lose a member in the process. Gaining a tiny fey ally, they journey towards the source of planar energy in hopes of finding answers. On the way they discover a missing person and send him on his way to safety.


The group travel to the Daith Guard Post. Versa asks to talk to Captain Morris, but she isn't available. Inquiring about work, they're direct to the Guild Hall to check for postings.

Outside the Hall, they find a multitude of public Classifieds, but inside is where the real adventurer work is. The group take notices for two different objectives; a missing person by the name of Nooris Paryn and disruptions in safe travel in the Corthon Woods to the west. There, they come across a tortle adventurer looking for good paying work, who asks to come along with the group. Introducing himself as Lurtak, he joins the group. On her way out, Versa makes a point to take every copy of the Wanted posters for notable pirate Captain Vice without explanation to the rest of the group.

Nooris's last location was also in the woods to the west, so the group decide to head that direction the next morning.


Along their travel, Fueryon seemed to be drawn somewhere in a charmed fashion, but the party manages to stop him snapping him out of it before walking over the edge of a deep ravine. However, whatever entranced him persists and he flows in and out of control. To cross the ravine's bridge, the party attempts to tie ropes to keep them together in case one falls. Fueryon bites the rope free, but fails to make his way over the edge thanks to Lurtak's firm hold. D'Bonk attempts to pull Fueryon the rest of the way, but the resistance begins to break the bridge's planks. In a moment of clarity, Fueryon throws D'Bonk his sack of belongings before the wood gives out, causing Fueryon to plummet into the dark chasm. Looking over the edge, Versa noticed a glowing rift open and close in the darkness.

On the other side of the bridge, Versa investigates an abandoned cart alongside a makeshift camp, discovering a handful of gold and basic travel supplies. The group then notice rustling on the other side of the path, as they find a small pixie who had been hiding and observing them. Versa attempts to communicate, using her Elvish knowledge to piece together meaning from the pixie's Sylvan. The two manage to introduce one other, with the pixie introducing themselves as Meri, and communicating that she is lost here and is looking to find her brother and get home. She explains that she knows where to go but needs some protection to get there, so the party agree to follow her.

Down the road, the group encounter a rustling bush from which a rabbit emerges. First one, then two, then four - it becomes clear that something is amiss. Then a large rat makes its way across the road through some thick woods. The group follow the rat to a clearing with a shimmering portal in the middle of an arch of gnarled interwoven branches. Meri races past to enter the portal but it fades. D'Bonk picks up the rat to keep them, naming them Ratthew.

Suddenly, the group hear a voice from behind a tree, as a human steps out to introduce themselves and offer aid. Versa draws a dagger at the new figure, who introduces themselves as Gael. They explain that they know Sylvan and have knowledge about fey crossings - both skills that could be of some use to the party. Gael claims to be able to sense these crossings to a degree, an ability Meri seems to share. While this crossing seems to be closed for now, they claim to sense one deeper into the forest.


The group pass through a ravine that looks to have been a camp used by lizardfolk in the recent past. There, Meri is reunited with her brother, Nutmeg. Their reunion is cut short when an overwhelming sense of dread causes them to warn the party to hide and prepare for trouble. Lurtak is unable to make himself scarce before a group of gnolls approach the ravine and begin their assault.

The gnolls retained the high ground throughout the encounter, but several key plays turned the fight. Gael used their Telekenetic push to send a gnoll into the chasm, the two pixies cast powerful Confusion and Slow spells from their hiding spots, and Lurtak managed to stabilize after being knocked unconscious. The group gather the gnolls' weapons, noticing that they are strangely military grade.

Forest House

The next day, the group find a ransacked house in the forest. They trace their way through the structure, noting tossed tables, askew chairs, and definitive signs of struggle. As the rest of the group investigate the horse still in the house's stable, a figure approaches from the woods and draws a dagger on Gael, assuming that the group are a threat. After the situation is de-escalated, he introduces himself as Nooris. The party explain that he was declared a missing person and that they were following the notice to investigate. He explains that a group of gnolls invaded the house in the middle of the night and tore up the place. He laments the stress he has caused his husband, and that would have returned to the city already but his horse, Lilly, is still recovering from the close encounter escaping the gnolls.

As a sign of good faith, Gael casts Cure Wounds on the horse, rapidly accelerating the healing process to the point that he could make the trip back to Daith. He tells the group that they can feel free to stop by his home in the city when they're next in town so he and his husband can properly thank them. He heads back into the house to gather his things in preparation to head back to the city.

After Nooris walks away, Gael discloses to the party that they are not a human, but a changeling. D'Bonk and Versa seem to believe that they're just a Satyr, given their appearance, but seem indifferent about this reveal.

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