Campaign 1 Arc 2: Vice and Virtue

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The second arc of Campaign 1 of Itora begins in 353 WSK. The campaign is set in the kingdom of Rottia, on the continent of Erzune.

Pursing the mysterious Captain Vice, the party find themselves in the middle of an incredibly complicated lover's quarrel.


Session list

No. Title Session date
6 "Illusions of Grandeur" (1x06) 2021-02-27
With new mounts acquired, the party set out to the reported location of the wanted criminal Captain Vice. Upon arriving, Versa reveals her connections to the current Captain Vice. She reunites with old crewmates, and the party hatch a scheme to harass Captain Vice when she returns early the next morning.
7 "Granny's Cookie Tin" (1x07) 2021-03-20
Lingering in the pirate cove, Versa reunites with Kismet, Lurtak spends some time with Lure, and Versa contemplates some bad decisions. Departing the cove, the party fight some elementals who had been burning the forest, and encounter a very friendly old woman who offered suspicious baked goods.
8 "Kinky" (1x08) 2021-03-27
The party seek to retrieve Pine’s lost items, confronting octopi, kink-friendly doors, and a very angry barghest who sought vengeance for his slain hellhound.
9 "An Elaborate Ruse" (1x09) 2021-04-03
Taking a pit stop in Daith to resupply and meet with Ronala and Einhard, the party sets off toward Blisridge with the ultimate destination of Versa’s hidden treasure horde and meeting Sela along the way. Versa sets in motion a fake kidnapping scenario in an attempt to mess with Magpie.
10 "The Crossroads" (1x10) 2021-04-10
Now protected against scrying, the party traveling through the jungle, discovering a tree from a different realm. They dispatch hostile and confused dryads in a crossroads between the planes, completing their side of their deal with Sela. Comet rejoins their traveling companion and teleports the party to the grave to Versa’s former captain to contemplate their next moves.
11 "Vice's Vices" (1x11) 2021-04-17
The party plan for a week for Magpie’s arrival, staging an opportunity for Versa to have a one-on-one confrontation with her former lover and attempted killer.
12 "A Pirate's Life" (1x12) 2021-04-24
After a tense confrontation on the cliff, the party decompress along with the crew of the Avarice, as those involved come to terms with what was, what is, and what still might be.
DT3 "The Purple Goddess" (1xDT03) 2021-04-25 to 2021-05-08
The party take two weeks to equip themselves with knowledge, faith, weapons and tattoos.