Campaign 1 Arc 5: Love and Legacy

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The fifth arc of Campaign 1 of Itora begins in 353 WSK. The campaign is set in the kingdom of Rottia, on the continent of Erzune.

The party spend half a year apart pursuing personal missions.


Session list

No. Title Session date
DT4 "Love and Legacy" (1xDT04) 2021-09-19 to 2022-05-27
OS1 "X Marks the Map" (1xOS01) 2021-11-12
Magpie manages to procure a treasure map rumored to lead to something powerful and lost to time. Versa and Ricoril travel with the crew of the Avarice toward Blancgarten to investigate this lead.
OS2 "Mirror Mirror" (1xOS02) 2022-01-22
OS3 "Debt Collector" (1xOS03) 2022-01-29 to 2022-02-23
OS4 "No Cold Feet" (1xOS04) 2022-03-19
OS5 "The Heart Caper" (1xOS05) 2022-05-08