Campaign 1 Arc 3: Balance

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The third arc of Campaign 1 of Itora begins in 353 WSK. The campaign is set in the kingdom of Rottia, on the continent of Erzune.

The party explore an ancient fey temple in the desert on a quest to restore long-lost balance.


Session list

No. Title Session date
13 "Nothing Stops the Mail" (1x13) 2021-05-08
14 "Minor and Major Magic" (1x14) 2021-05-15
15 "The Gods Stay Silent" (1x15) 2021-05-28
The party travel to their Oasis destination and receive an ominous vague threat from the Order of the Voiceless Lark.
16 "Balance Restored" (1x16) 2021-06-12
Exploring the fey dungeon, the party encounter odd creatures and confront the Dryad at the heart of it all.
17 "The Twilight Bargain" (1x17) 2021-06-19
Ambushed on their escape from the dungeon, the group weather a sandstorm, pursue their lost mounts, and meet a mysterious potential benefactor.