Campaign 1 Arc 7: Grand Tournament

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The seventh arc of Campaign 1 of Itora begins in 354 WSK. The campaign is set in the kingdom of Rottia, on the continent of Erzune.

After invoking the magic of the cookie tin, Ricoril finds himself spurred to return home to Cleiben. Finding his sister's soul trapped within a legendary sword - the grand prize of the Grand Tournament - the party enter as combatants. The group make friends and foes, gaining a degree of renown on the path to obtain the sword to free her soul inside.


Session list

No. Title Session date
32 "My Immortal" (1x32) 2022-07-10 to 2022-07-22
The party take a well-deserved day of rest on the Avarice, discussing recent revelations and generally just hanging out in a state devoid of immediate peril, for once.
33 "Hollow Homecoming" (1x33) 2022-07-23
The party advance to Cleiben to investigate Ricoril's feeling that disaster has affected his family. They find his sister comatose, with her soul simply missing - that is, until they track it down contained inside a powerful magic item to be awarded to the winner of an upcoming tournament.
34 "Rival Presence" (1x34) 2022-08-06
The party sign up for the upcoming tournament, encounter a few potential rivals, and partake in sideshows and competitions.
35 "Speed is Key" (1x35) 2022-08-12
Carefully planning the most efficient course of action, Friend and Friends take on the Monster Mash round of the Grand Tournament, performing extraordinarily well.
36 "Meat n Greet" (1x36) 2022-08-20
The party attend a semi-formal breakfast meet and greet for the Grand Tournament's seeded competitors. The group scopes out the competition through social graces, making some friends along the way.
37 "Smite and Flight" (1x37) 2022-09-03
The party compete in their first team vs team fight of the Grand Tournament against the Lunar Rose Guild, but not without close calls. While spectating other matches, Versa recovers some lost memories of her time after falling into the sea towards certain death.
38 "Rumbles, Tumbles, and Fumbles" (1x38) 2022-09-10
Friend and Friends find themselves evenly matched against their next Grand Tournament foe - Always Sunny. Through over ten rounds of combat, the teams sparred through gusts of wind, countless eldritch blasts, a playful kitty/goat/lizard and a confused weasel.
39 "Saving Grace(lyn)" (1x39) 2022-09-17
Winding down after an exhausting day of competition, the party peruse F&F themed merchandise and mingle with their fellow competitors. On the way home, Gael confronts a figure tailing the group, who gives them an urgent letter to deliver to Pine.
40 "Smoke Powder Plot" (1x40) 2022-09-24
The party avert catastrophe as they thwart Gracelyn's reckless plan, Versa follows up a mysterious note left at the scene, and the group attend the next day's meet and greet in preparation for the day's match.
41 "A Taste of Defeat" (1x41) 2022-10-01
Friend and Friends go toe to toe with the Devil Slayers in a nail-biting Winner's Finals.
42 "A Soul Returned" (1x42) 2022-10-15
The party decide they've had enough of this tournament and set their eyes on "borrowing" the sword to free Ricoril's sister's soul, then fucking off out of the city.