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The Kingdom of Rottia, also known simply as Rottia, is a monarchy in Itora on the continent of the Erzune. Formed around 1500 BSK, it is ruled by a monarch.





The Kingdom of Rottia has been lead by a monarch since its inception. The line of ascension to the throne is not based on blood but is still mired in a sense of “divine right” through merit instead.

Rottian Noble Houses

Noble houses were likely begun as purely blood lineage, but many have changed with the times, allowing hand-chosen individuals to assimilate into their house. Some yet find middle ground between tradition and change, and choose to bring individuals in through political marriages or unions. Each noble house independently chooses one figure as their house’s Exemplar. They are not necessarily the leader of their house, but rather simply are elevated to the most public and politically powerful status. There are only nine houses currently, with one Exemplar representing each.

  • House Woodmere
  • House Kardin

Public Office and Titles

  • Monarch: The leader of the country, taking the title of King, Queen, etc. Queen Lora is the current Monarch.
  • Exemplar: Public representative of a Noble House, taking the titles of Prince/Princess/Princeling. These figures are public celebrities, allowed to travel the kingdom and execute the Monarch's will directly.
  • Governor: Rules over a state within the kingdom, usually from its largest city.
  • Seneschal Rules over a county within a state. These figures usually station themselves in large cities, regardless of where their jurisdiction is.

Law enforcement


Fines are proportional based on income. Listed fines amounts and incarceration lengths are the maximum; there is no minimum penalty. All fines and punishments for crimes against a crown servants, soldier, or guard are doubled. All fines and punishments regarding crimes against a crown official or crown institutions are tripled.

  • Theft: 10 days incarceration, either returning the stolen goods or a fine of twice their value
  • Magical Manipulation: 10 days incerceration and/or a fine of 200gp.
  • Trespassing: 12 days incarceration and/or fine of 215 gp.
  • Worship of Non-Sanctioned Gods: fine of 250 gp, investigation into treason
  • Damage to Private Property: 15 days incarceration or a fine of twice the worth of property damaged.
  • Tax Evasion: 30 days incarceration and a repossession of property equal to the amount owed.
  • Kidnapping: 60 days incarceration and/or a fine of 800 gp.
  • Owning Slaves: 24 months incarceration, repossession of all possessions to those enslaved.
  • Possession or Use of Unregistered Magical Item: a fine up to 5000gp dependent on rarity of item.
  • Aiding or conspiring with Eladrin or associated Fair Folk: deportation or execution
  • Assault with Intent to Injure: 30 days incarceration and/or a fine of 350 gp.
  • Assault with Intent to Kill: 250 days incarceration and/or a fine of 1800 gp, or execution.
  • Murder: 15 years incarceration, and/or a fine of 6000 gp, or execution.
  • Treason: Execution.


Covert organizations




Secular in terms of there being no state faith, however there are outlawed deities and some have more presence than others. Freedom of religion is not a guarantee.