Friend and Friends

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Friend and Friends
Several members of Friend and Friends, by Bean.[art 1] From left to right: Pine, Gael, Versa, Lurtak, and Ricoril.
Organizational information
Also known asFriend and Friends
TypeAdventuring Party
Favored deity
  • Something noble enough
Established353 WSK
Total members7
Notable members

Friend and Friends is a band of adventurers based in Rottia, currently active since 353 WSK, and the protagonists of the First Campaign of Itora.


The group began was originally a group of three - Versa, Fueryon, D'Bonk. They were soon joined by Lurtak, who sought to find a steady group to work with.

Traveling through the Corthon Woods, Fueryon fell under magical compulsion, and fell off a bridge into a ravine through a magical rift. Soon after, the party came across Gael, who joined the group with promise of expertise in interplanar rifts and the fey.

A few days later, D'Bonk took the opportunity of an open rift to pass through, in hopes of finding Fueryon. On the party's return back to Daith, Versa had a set of crises. Taking down all the wanted posters for Captain Vice, she attracted unwanted attention. Coming to terms with the reality that her original adventuring group was totally gone in such a short time, she attempted to run away. This provided Pine with an opportunity to apprehend her and suss out her connection to Vice. The conflict is quickly resolved, and Pine asks to join the group, revealing that he is also after Captain Vice, but not with the intention to turn her in. Versa has reservations about this new member, but is outvoted, and Pine joins the group.

As the party sought to go separate ways for several months, Versa encounters a new member of her cult, Ricoril. In her absence, he has been extraordinary helpful, and asks to accompany her on her adventures.



The group eventually decided upon Friend and Friends as their name, as a play on Gael's companion, Friend.

Other popular suggestions were:

  • Slime Cube Rat Grenades
  • ____ & Co.
  • Planar Protectors
  • No Death Club
  • Followers of the Cookie Tin
  • Public Disservices


Name Class Status Location
D'Bonk Druid Unknown Traveled through unknown portal
Fueryon Barbarian Unknown Fell into unknown portal
Gael Ranger/Cleric Alive Adventuring with The Party
Lurtak Fighter Alive Traveling to Venorin
Pine Bard Alive Adventuring with The Party
Ricoril Paladin Alive At Safe Harbour
Versa Rogue/Wizard Alive Adventuring with The Party

Relationships within the group

Intraparty Relationships of Friend and Friends
D'Bonk Fueryon Gael Lurtak Pine Ricoril Versa
D'Bonk D'Bonk D'Bonk & Fueryon D'Bonk & Gael D'Bonk & Lurtak D'Bonk & Pine D'Bonk & Ricoril D'Bonk & Versa
Fueryon Fueryon & D'Bonk Fueryon Fueryon & Gael Fueryon & Lurtak Fueryon & Pine Fueryon & Ricoril Fueryon & Versa
Gael Gael & D'Bonk Gael & Fueryon Gael Gael & Lurtak Gael & Pine Gael & Ricoril Gael & Versa
Lurtak Lurtak & D'Bonk Lurtak & Fueryon Lurtak & Gael Lurtak Lurtak & Pine Lurtak & Ricoril Lurtak & Versa
Pine Pine & D'Bonk Pine & Fueryon Pine & Gael Pine & Lurtak Pine Pine & Ricoril Pine & Versa
Ricoril Ricoril & D'Bonk Ricoril & Fueryon Ricoril & Gael Ricoril & Lurtak Ricoril & Pine Ricoril Ricoril & Versa
Versa Versa & D'Bonk Versa & Fueryon Versa & Gael Versa & Lurtak Versa & Pine Versa & Ricoril Versa


Name Species Master
Friend Woodland Companion Gael
Gandalf Familiar Pine
Pyre Familiar Versa



Three horses were purchased in Daith [1]. Lurtak purchased a warhorse that could accommodate for the additional weight of a tortle.

Magical Mounts

Gael travels with the aid of Friend in their Elk or Giant Elk form.

Ricoril travels with the aid of Rainbow Dash, a rainbow-furred camel, conjured through the Find Steed spell.

Level Ups

Session In-Game Date # Sessions # Days at Level (Total)
3 "Friends and Fiends" (1x01) (start) 23 Mar, 353 WSK 5 20 (20)
4 "Dreaming of a Realm Beyond" (1x04) (end) 12 Apr, 353 WSK 4 14 (34)
5 "Granny's Cookie Tin" (1x07) (mid) 26 Apr, 353 WSK 2.5 9 (43)
6 "An Elaborate Ruse" (1x09) (end) 5 May 0353 WSK 8.5 37 (80)
7 "The Twilight Bargain" (1x17) (mid) 11 Jun, 353 WSK 8.5 24 (104)
8 "Daisy and the Bastards" (1x25) (end) 5 Jul, 353 WSK 4 182 (286)
9 "Love and Legacy" (1xDT04) (end) 3 Jan, 354 WSK 6 7 (293)
10 "Slime Cube Rat Grenade" (1x31) (end) 10 Jan, 354 WSK 11 6 (299)
11 "A Soul Returned" (1x42) (end) 16 Jan, 354 WSK 8 24 (323)
12 "Wishful Thinking" (1x50) (end) 9 Feb, 354 WSK


  1. See "Illusions of Grandeur" (1x06).


  1. Several members of Friend and Friends, by Bean (source). This file is a copyrighted work. Its use in this article is asserted to qualify as fair use of the material under United States copyright law.