The Twilight Bargain

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"The Twilight Bargain"
Campaign 1 session
Session no.Session 17
Session dateJune 19, 2021
Start dateJune 9, 353 WSK
End dateJune 12, 353 WSK
Bunnies as the Dungeon Master
Narrative chronology
"Balance Restored" (1x16)
"Risky Business" (1x18)
Session order
"Balance Restored" (1x16)
"Risky Business" (1x18)
List of Campaign 1 sessions

"The Twilight Bargain" (1x17) is the 17th session of the first campaign of Itora.

Ambushed on their escape from the dungeon, the group weather a sandstorm, pursue their lost mounts, and meet a mysterious potential benefactor.


The party exit the dungeon rather unconventionally, diving down a deep, dark pit into a pool of water, which functions as a portal. Emerging from a fountain, they find themselves surrounded by standing rocks and a well-aged henge. The winds begin to pick up as several uncharacteristically large lizards descend on the party from the rocks. While the most troublesome of them nearly digests Gael, the party are able to fend off these creatures. The wind picks up into a sandstorm, and the party decides to make camp for the night, trekking back to their mounts in the morning.

After a five hour travel back to the initial oasis, the party discover their horses huddled under some nearby shade - that is, all but Lurtak's expensive warhorse Twilight Sparkle. Using Speak With Animals, Gael is able to find out that some travelers with camels took the wayward warhorse with them as the sandstorm was setting in the previous day.

The party decide they should pursue these supposed thieves. While Lurtak and Pine make a steady pace back to the main highway, Gael and Versa speed ahead on Horf, stretching the limits of exhaustion and traveling for twelve hours and before seeing their comrade's horse off the side of the road under a tent. Quick to accusation, Versa threatens the men for what the party viewed as theft. The men explain that they intended to bring the horse to the nearby town of Dubbo and place it in the care of the authorities, as these horses aren't suited to desert climates, even less so massive sandstorms. Meanwhile, Gael speaks to the horse, trying to coax it out to return to the party. Twilight Sparkle mostly talks about how he is comfortable and has been treated well so far. Eventually through a mixture of the ranger's persuasion and the rogue's threats, the regain possession of their warhorse, and set up camp to await their companions' arrival.

The next morning, the party regroups and continues on to Dubbo. Arriving day after, they receive payment for clearing out the oasis area of the invasive giant scorpions. The head guard tells them there’s a man looking for them in the inn. The party are pointed to a booth on the far side of the bar, where they are greeted by a hooded figure, claiming he believes they can help each other.

I have it on good authority that you've received an invitation to meet with the Order of the Voiceless Lark…
…I want them destroyed.
— Reginald Prometheus Kardin III, Spymaster of House Kardin

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