Minor and Major Magic

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"Minor and Major Magic"
Campaign 1 session
Session no.Session 15
Session dateMay 15, 2021
Start dateJune 1, 353 WSK
End dateJune 6, 353 WSK
Bunnies as the Dungeon Master
Narrative chronology
"Nothing Stops the Mail" (1x13)
"The Gods Stay Silent" (1x15)
Session order
"Nothing Stops the Mail" (1x13)
"The Gods Stay Silent" (1x15)
List of Campaign 1 sessions

"Minor and Major Magic" (1x14) is the 14th session of the first campaign of Itora.


Pine and the Mail carrier

The group head out early, before sunrise, to track down the mail carrier they let go the night before. Knocking on the door of his family home, the mother answers. After a bit of questioning, the mother leaves for a few minutes inside. The father then comes out and interrogates the party. The conversation goes south and the father claims to call the guards and goes back inside. The party leaves, Gael changes masks lingers to eavesdrop the guards conversing with the man. The guards say they'll send someone over in an hour or two, but that their son should stay home.

Pine casts Sending to his family that the authorities are out for a golden dragonborn - again - and Versa lets Pyre out to look for guards.


While Pine continues the lookout for other couriers, the group goes shopping. Gael buys Clockwork Faefly, Versa buys a pair of connected Heartbeat Necklaces. The rest of the group reconvene back at the Avarice. Lurtak drinks a Potion of Diminuation, and Kevin yeets tiny Lurtak off the ship. Versa brings Afiqa along to the Avarice to introduce her to Magpie.


The party begin their several hundred mile trek through the desert in search of an Oasis.

The party encounters a farmer with his granddaughter slightly off the road. They are attempting to coerce a stubborn donkey on a leash to pull their cart out of the mud that had veered off the road. She turns around and heads in the direction of the party. She disregards his warnings about staying away from strangers the girl skips over to the party, introducing herself as Holly, and asking for their help. Half of the party assist their donkey in pulling the cart back on the road.

Meanwhile, the kid asks them if they know any magic, and Versa does a little minor illusion to entertain her. The kid goes wide eyed and then pulls a ‘magic’ wooden ring from her pocket. Versa, intrigued, ritual casts identify on the ring - it comes back clearly magical, but she can’t actually identify what it does. She tells the kid that she was clever not to put it on because it could be cursed, and offers her an extra cantrip spell scroll that she had lying around. The kid, ecstatic, takes it. Versa lets her know about her cult members and then sends her and her grandfather on their way.

The next day, the party finds shoes on the side of the road, and then items in a pile. Gael and Pine trigger a trap, turning into mist, leaving their items behind. The party uncover a sigil and beat the hell out of it. Versa damages it and Gael goes back into their form. They continue beating the hell out of it. Pine is able to dispel it twice, the second time finally stopping it just before he drifts out of range, returning him to his normal form. The party loots a +1 Rapier, a Ceremonial Dagger, and Silver ruby necklace.

Gael guides the party in some meditation towards Cordelia in a mushroom circle in the marshes by the river. The rest of the travel is spent foraging, composing songs, and scribing.

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