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Versa is a tiefling rogue / wizard. She is played by Nixup.



A purple tiefling with intricate gold inlay carved directly into her horns.


Disaster lesbian. Versa was once a proud and self-assured captain, confident in her own abilities and secure in the knowledge that her crew was loyal to her - up until Magpie slipped poison into her wine and her crew voted to throw her overboard. She's now struggling to return to her old self, suffering from crippling insecurity and an almost certain belief that the next betrayal is just around the corner.



Versa was born on an unknown date somewhere in Ockburn; she chose her own birthday (23 January 325 WSK) once she was old enough to know she was missing one. She grew up in an orphanage, but when she was around 5 she ran away to live on the streets instead. She befriended another urchin girl, Afiqa, and the two of them turned to crime to survive.

Versa decided to escape Ockburn when she was around 10, convinced that a life on the sea was her best bet at escaping the life she already knew. She stowed away on the first ship she saw, but was discovered a few days later and brought before the captain. Captain Vice listened to Versa's pleas and eventually decided to let her live. She offered Versa a place on the ship once she was old enough to defend herself.

Versa lived for a few years in the pirate den of Blancgarten. By the time she was 14 she was skilled enough to formally join the Avarice as part of Vice's crew, using the pirate name ‘Alta’ (meant to be a joke on ‘Alter’, i.e. her ‘alternate’ name). By 20 she had worked her way up to be first mate. She became the new Captain Vice at 22.

Her piracy career was centred on slipping below the radar - stealing cargo and smuggling it across borders with minimal bloodshed. At one point she managed to steal an extremely valuable orb of scrying from Daith, very narrowly evading Captain Morris and the city guard in the process. She also, notably, was involved in a long-running feud with some cheese and wine merchants that ended poorly for all involved.




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Versa and Magpie were aware of each other for a long time, but weren’t particularly close until both of their ships were caught up in a fight with some wine and cheese merchants and the Itora equivalent of the navy. Magpie became default first mate due to her experience as a captain.

Two years later, Magpie convinced Versa to help steal an egg from a noble family. They did so, though they were spotted during their escape. A bounty was announced against Captain Vice. Magpie suggested that Versa step down temporarily as captain to allow Magpie to take her place, ostensibly for Versa's safety. Versa refused. Magpie forced Versa to drink poison-laced wine, tucked the antidote into Versa's pocket, and then had the crew vote to mutiny.

Versa initially believed this was betrayal and set out for revenge, setting up an elaborate fake kidnapping plot to lure Magpie into a meeting.[1] She's since discovered that Magpie was under the control of the BBESM at the time. She has tried several times to buy Magpie's freedom, with no success.


Versa proposed to Magpie on by taking her to visit a place Sela recommended - a white dragon's den, though they didn't know at the time.[2] Magpie said yes, but insisted she wanted to keep the engagement secret until she'd had a chance to propose in return.

Three months later, Magpie set up a surprise heist for her and Versa to rob a noble house in Ockburn.[2] She proposed to Versa on the rooftop just prior to their escape, using a ring she'd stolen from the house when she'd previously scouted it out.


Versa's second oldest friend, barring Afiqa. Kismet cured Versa after she blew herself up opening a trapped crate containing an orb of scrying. It's implied she and Versa very briefly dated before they both decided it was too weird, at which point they reverted to drinking buddies / best friends.


Versa's oldest friend, and the person she trusts most. The two met when they were urchins and quickly set up a small crime operation. As they grew older, Afiqa started giving Versa information that she could use in heists in exchange for a cut of the spoils. Versa frequently jokes that Afiqa's always been in love with her, much to Afiqa's annoyance; Versa is perfectly aware that Afiqa is aro/ace. She keeps a file on Versa, though she promises it's simply so she can keep track of things and it's never going to be sold.

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  • Versa is dyslexic (or at least has a reading disability).
    • She has particular trouble with magic scrolls and books, because they're heavily decorated and written in cursive. She sometimes finds it easier to read them upside down.
    • She has a strong distaste for libraries and reading as a result.
    • She doesn't actually know that her reading problems are unusual.


Session Cause of death Revival method Scar
Pre-campaign (described in "Meat n Greet" (1x36)) Combination of poison, thunderwave and drowning by Magpie. Intervention by Wairan No physical scar, but plenty of emotional ones
"The Dead Do Tell Tales" (1x19) Killed by the Warlord captain of the Shadow Panthers - combined concussion and severed femoral artery Revivify potion (given by Lurtak) Left thigh
"Devils and Death" (1x28) Mauled by Guard Drake Revivified by Ricoril Bite mark on right upper arm
"Die At Anchor" (1x49) Crushed by debris when she stopped the Summer Citadel (Myinor) from falling. This time she was dead for around 20 minutes. Revived by Pyre, who disappeared in the process. No mark from the death itself, as the specific cause of death was suffocation/internal injury. Instead, she has a slight burn mark in the centre of her chest where Pyre combusted, and bruises that are healing at their natural rate despite attempts to magically heal them faster.
"Campaign 1 Session 51" (1x51) Mysteriously died after defeating a dragon. The dragon cast revivify. No permanent mark from the death itself, but lingering acid burns that are healing more slowly than magical means normally would.


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