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Kismet is a Satyr Bard. As an NPC, Kismet is played by Bunnies.



Tawny brown hair, yellow goat eyes, and a scar down one cheek.


The ultimate drunk party girl. Just here to have a good time, get drunk with people she likes, and have Shenanigans to write songs about. She's not the best at handling serious situations but is nonetheless protective of her people.



Has been on the Avarice for more than 6 years, having served under the previous Captain Vice alongside Versa. Used to be Versa's Second Mate, and is now the current First Mate of the Avarice.

She's never spoken about her past; she simply showed up one day and asked to join the crew, claiming only that she was sick of city life.

She worships Cordelia.



She's everyone's best friend, in the same way that all drunk women in the bathrooms of parties are instantly best friends.


Tied with Afiqa for Versa's best friend, but definitely her favourite drinking buddy. They may have once considered being something more than friends, but that was weird.

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  • Writes fanfiction about her loved ones, and will threaten to not let people read it if they piss her off. She is, of course, the star of all fanfiction she writes.
  • Currently has 4 pet abyssal chickens: Bastard (tall and skinny), Bastard (short and fat), Bastard (big and mean and ugly), and Daisy.



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