The Dead Do Tell Tales

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"The Dead Do Tell Tales"
Campaign 1 session
Session no.Session 19
Session dateJuly 3, 2021
Start dateJune 12, 353 WSK
End dateJune 18, 353 WSK
Bunnies as the Dungeon Master
Narrative chronology
"Risky Business" (1x18)
"When My Heart Stops" (1x20)
Session order
"Risky Business" (1x18)
"When My Heart Stops" (1x20)
List of Campaign 1 sessions

"The Dead Do Tell Tales" (1x19) is the 19th session of the first campaign of Itora.

Newly focused on meeting with the Order of the Voiceless Lark, the party travel north to the jungles of the Sleeping Wilds, encountering an eerily destroyed village filled with ghosts blissfully unaware of the horrors they suffered.


June 12, 353 WSK

Pine plays to a Dubbo tavern crowd to mixed reviews.

June 13-15

The party departs Dubbo. Traveling north through Turden, they pass through customs. Versa acquires a permit for her poisons, made out to Ire.

June 16

Veering off the highway into the jungle, the party find a road to follow. Suddenly, the sound of rapidly approaching barks throw the group into a panic. Their owner, a farmer named Elijah, rushed down the road and apologized for their behavior. The party asked some questions about the local area, learning of a commune of racists to the southeast and a tribe of aaracockra to the south. Elijah also touted his unique featherless chickens, and the party expressed interest in returning for some once their business in the area was finished.

June 17

Trekking further into the jungle, Versa gets snatched by a giant eagle, but the party swiftly kills it before it can take her away. Lurtak tries to drag the eagle but leaves it behind while being chased.

June 18

The party come upon a ruined village whose perimeter is dotted with heads on pikes and corpses. Investigating the area, they find several ethereal figures, ghosts who seem unaware of their current forms.

They decided to talk to Myrrin, a Water Genasi who seemed content to continue baking in her kitchen, unaware that it was in ruins. She talked about a bake sale and an upcoming festival, with several dates confirming that this village was alive and well before March 3, just three months prior.

Speaking with Mabel, a tiefling who appeared to be one of the village's elders, they learned this town followed Ilaso. Sitting and observing the spectral figures, the party realize the town consisted entirely of racial minorities - a prime target for extremist groups like the Order. The villagers appeared to be going about their daily lives, treating the world as they saw it months ago. Mabel suffers occasional bouts of clarity, truly seeing their situation, before slipping away again.

Most of the party decide to begin to dig graves under the trees to give these souls their deity's proper burial rites. Spearheaded by a herculean effort from Lurtak, the party managed to dig nearly a dozen graves before nightfall. As the tortle wiped his brow, however, he spotted a figure in the distance. The scout seemed to notice they were spotted and fled beyond Lurtak's range. With a sinking feeling of an impending ambush, the party began preparations including pitfalls and a star performance of Pine's song We Got Scammed for the ghostly villagers.

Nearing midnight, the echos of warhorns filled the air. The specters fled to safety as the party lie in wait, ready to surprise the unknown invaders.

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