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Pine Therisn (born Neth Therisn) is a dragonborn bard. He is played by Bean.



Pine is a tall gold dragonborn, typically dressed in yellow with a pineapple-like hat. He always carries around Dolly, a skull-topped staff that acts as his spellcasting focus.


Laugh off what he can and try to fix what he can't. Habitually manipulative. Lazy when he can be.

He has a strong sense of justice against those who act as a threat to others. He's annoyed by theft and other similar crimes; if they are situational or minimal he's likely to not feel comfy bringing them in unless he has reason to believe they'll be giving proportional punishment. On the job, he can be an inaccurate judge of the situation, oscillating between over and under compensating. He doesn't go out of his way to do more than his job but, he still considers it.



Pine was born in Califlorida, a suburb of Ockburn to Gracelyn and Ashanti Therisn. He comes from a large family with a multitude of siblings, Azen, Hyrn, Eja, Blaq, and Noah. Even from the age of 6, he and his siblings were trained to follow their father's footsteps as bounty hunters. He began to learning the trade through hypotheticals that played out a little too intensely, such as target practice. Azen is a horrible baby sitter (i have two scars to collaberate this on my tail and foot) and I beg to be the one in charge of the girls (and noah)

At age 8, Gracelyn began to take Pine along on a mission to "see how it really is" in hopes he would take it seriously. He witnesses how his father treats captured targets, even those he'll kill. He realizes what his father thinks of people isn't exactly something he should care about and takes up a hobby he disapproves of - the pan flute. Gracelyn proceeds to break the instrument as penalty for failures; he refers to them in the hypothetical as "deaths".

His father changes tactics and takes him on missions as a punishment instead, creating countless miserable experiences for Pine. However, this stops when someone managed to hold and threaten Pine at knife point to ensure their escape. Pine's father told the target to "just make your life easier and kill him" - a line he later told Pine was merely a bluff. Pine survived the ordeal with no physical wounds, but the emotional trauma lingered.

Around 352 WSK, Pine was drinking with some people in an attempt to get information for a bounty. He accidentally let it slip that his target was one of their friends, which resulted in a lopsided altercation, ending with Pine being pushed off a nearby cliff into the sea below. While the group did not bound his arms or legs, the intoxication mixed with the impact of hitting the water left him dazed and unable to swim to the surface. Resigned to his fate, a voice entered his mind to offer him an alternative, an offer he took without thinking. In an instant, he gained the ability to breathe underwater, and managed to beach himself and survive the ordeal.

"Fighting the Setting Sun" (1x05)


Gracelyn Therisn

Pine has had a contentious relationship with his father, another bounty hunter, who often acted out of his desire to create "mini-me's" of himself in his children. Pine wants to be the opposite of his father and prove he isn't too weak or emotional for the line of work. He disapproves of his father's scorched earth approach to the profession, believing that even if a target is dangerous, one should take care to minimize collateral damage, rather than write it off as a necessary evil.


NyLA was the first person to pay Pine to play music, a regular gig for a while at their bar.


Pine describes Jake as the first "real monster" he met. He was Pine's first bounty, a friend. He couldn't change. The successful bounty haul lead to further offers of jobs as he had been an "impressive catch", earning him an unwanted reputation that he did the job for the money alone.


Pies is Pine's fallback guy for when he is unable to find jobs, local to Ockburn. He refused to work with Pine's father because of his methods. Pies specializes in the retrieval of missing people/items.


Oz was Pine's first partner, who retired to pursue research.


Egg was a teenager he was sent after. Formerly an apprentice, capable of handling her worst destructive and law-breaking tendencies, and no longer needs his advice.

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