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Friend Facts are canon trivia or tidbits that are established out-of-character at the top of a session. Their purpose is to allow players to flesh out their characters with information that may not be easily woven into the in-character narrative.

This page is a list of Friend Facts for Pine Therisn, a player character in Campaign 1.

Session Fact
"Meat n Greet" (1x36) Pine's horns had green tips growing up, which fed into the nickname of "Pine" from "Pineapple".
"Smite and Flight" (1x37) Pine was forbidden from doing anything medical-related growing up because he once literally put salt in his sibling's wound because he had heard the saying and thought it was a good thing.
"Rumbles, Tumbles, and Fumbles" (1x38) When Pine got drunk for the first time, he was upset because his brother wouldn't braid his hair (he doesn't have hair). Next year they bought Pine a wig, which soon after was accidentally lit on fire.
"Saving Grace(lyn)" (1x39) Pine was the least sociopathic of his siblings; Hyrn was the most. All his siblings made an effort to stop her from training with their father, convincing her to take up knitting to occupy her time to avoid her being corrupted by their father further.
"Smoke Powder Plot" (1x40) As a kid, Pine would get into fights with his dad often, and leave home in the aftermath. After a particularly bad fight, Pine announced he’d be leaving for good. Blaq gave him Dolly as something to remember Pine of them.
"A Taste of Defeat" (1x41) Pine cannot pronounce his legal first name; he can only say "Meth" and hopes no one notices.
"A Soul Returned" (1x42) Pine learned the art of the bard from a bar instead of a school, somewhat because he didn't know there were schools for it. Now he's questioning whether he's a real bard or not. The bar is also where he developed his fascination with magic tricks.
"Furry Explosion" (1x43) Pine has a nightmare where he's conversing with and preparing food for friends and family whilst cooking one such friend or family member to serve to the others for dinner.
"Campaign 1 Session 44" (1x44) Pine is prone to believing things with only anecdotal evidence supporting it, like how he believes coffee stunts growth because his brother started drinking it when he was young and is now the shortest sibling.
"Campaign 1 Session 45" (1x45) Pine had an apprentice, Egg; Gael reminds him a lot of her. It's part of why Gael could probably stab Pine in the back - in the literal sense - and Pine would think "I'm sure you had your reasons".
"Campaign 1 Session 46" (1x46) Pine does not like the color yellow, despite it being the color he often wears.
"Campaign 1 Session 47" (1x47) Pine is allergic to Pineapples. [crowdsourced][1]
"Combustive Maintenance" (1x48) If Pine was more responsible, he’d own a ton of rodents. Like, settle down in a house of a billion rats.
"Die At Anchor" (1x49) Pine thinks he's allergic to something that is a secret ingredient used by a local kitchen in Ockburn and he's allergic to a type of soap. He has way too many theories putting those two together.
"Wishful Thinking" (1x50) Pine thought that songbirds sang actual music, was very disappointed to hear that they’re just birds who sing their own songs. Someone explained to him that they’re just “singing in their own language”. Inspired, he tried to sing to them in their own birdsong; he is absolutely atrocious at imitating bird sounds, something he has been witnessed doing, and was very embarrassed.
"Campaign 1 Session 51" (1x51) Pine can’t use gift wrap; his claws just mangle it every time. It happens with most other paper materials, but only notices it when wrapping presents.


  1. This information was crowdsourced by other players, and is therefore of dubious factual status, but is considered true until disproven.