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This timeline is a broad chronological overview of events in Itoran history. For more specific and detailed timelines for each campaign, see timeline of Campaign 1.

Notes and explanations

This time line uses the Gregorian calendar, as is standard for the setting.

Most dates outside campaign events are approximate. For example, sources will often say something like "400 years ago" or "a millennium ago," which obviously isn't meant to be exact. Likewise, many dates are described as "less than" or "more than" or "nearly" some number of years ago. A character's birth year is generally their age subtracted from the year when the age is mentioned, though of course that could be off by one year if, for example, the age is mentioned earlier in the year than that character's birthday. This language should be included in the citation for clarity.

Age of Dawn

Age of Bounty

Age of Resilience


1 to 299 WSK

300 to 309 WSK

310 to 319 WSK

320 to 329 WSK

330 to 339 WSK

340 to 349 WSK

350 to 352 WSK

353 WSK

354 WSK

Other timelines