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Ricoril is a half-elf paladin. He is played by DMarty.



Ricoril is a tall, muscular half-elf with strikingly yellow blond hair. He infamously wears booty shorts.


Ricoril is quite dumb, a halfway himbo.



Born in 330 WSK to Mirielda and Ryllae Yeltsa, Ricoril was the Yeltsa family's second child, after his brother Norlamir. Several years later, his younger sister Yllzenya was born. Growing up, both brothers were fiercely protective of their younger sister.

In 344 WSK, Ricoril's father disappeared mysteriously while running yet another dungeon dive. This shook the family to its core. Their mother, Mirielda, was deeply traumatized by the loss of her husband, becoming increasingly distant and mute. Norlamir picked up extra work in Chariot races to help provide for the family.

In 353 WSK, Ricoril attempted to follow by his brother's example and earn a living through sports, but was too hyperactive and was ultimately unsuccessful. He fell into his father's passion, dungeon diving, often performing them intoxicated. During one such dungeon dive, he discovered a Shield of Missile Attraction that he continues to use, unaware of its properties.

During his travels through the desert, he believes he found his mount Rainbow Dash. In reality, he conjured her with the Find Steed spell, but is unaware of this, and has never dismissed her.

"Love and Legacy" (1xDT04)

Upon returning to Safe Harbour, Versa discovered a new member of the Cult of Ire hard at work clearing out the interior of the complex's long neglected farm buildings. Ricoril, who had arrived several weeks prior, had been enthusiastically assisting the group in their endeavors, providing much needed muscle to expedite the restoration process.

"Campaign 1 Session 44" (1x44)

After several weeks of adventuring with his goddess, Ricoril decided to plant roots at the Safe Harbour orphanage to help maintain it like he did prior to meeting Versa. He wanted to be there to help defend against potential rising threats to the safety of the organization.



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  • Ricoril's name is a bastarization of "Rick Roll". His last name, thematically, is "Astley" spelled backwards.



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