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Session Fact
"Meat n Greet" (1x36) Ricoril has wanted to dabble in art ever since he got compliments from his depiction of Versa on the side of the orphanage.[1]
"Smite and Flight" (1x37) Ricoril has been thinking a lot lately about his father and where he disappeared to. He's coming to the conclusion that it finally may be time to look for him.
"Rumbles, Tumbles, and Fumbles" (1x38) Ricoril cannot hold his liquor. He tries but simply cannot.
"Saving Grace(lyn)" (1x39) Ricoril’s obsession with short shorts began during his midteens. He had taken up parkour, and one day he flipped off a banner pole and got his pants hooked on it, leaving him stuck suspended sideways. Though eventually rescued, he was very embarrassed. Immediately going to a clothing store to shop for regular shorts, he saw short shorts and has exclusively bought them since. Regardless, his desire to parkour has never returned.
"Smoke Powder Plot" (1x40) Ricoril has decided he wants a pet rat, completely unrelated to his recent interactions with Nohbody's rat Nyarla.
"A Taste of Defeat" (1x41) Ricoril thought that the sea was a metaphor for death. [crowdsourced][2]
"A Soul Returned" (1x42) Ricoril has noticed he's less than subtle when trying to be sneaky. Because he doesn't want to annoy Versa, he wants to learn from Pine the art of Stealth.
"Furry Explosion" (1x43) Ricoril, having almost experienced losing his sister, has had dreams of a floating talking sword blaming him for the whole debacle.
"Campaign 1 Session 44" (1x44) Ricoril has been thinking of plopping down at the orphanage until further notice to help maintain and protect the operation.


  1. See "Love and Legacy" (1xDT04).
  2. This information was crowdsourced by other players, and is therefore of dubious factual status, but is considered true until disproven.