My Immortal

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"My Immortal"
Campaign 1 session
Session no.Session 32
Session dateJuly 10, 2022
throughJuly 22, 2022
Start dateJanuary 10, 354 WSK
End dateJanuary 10, 354 WSK
Bunnies as the Dungeon Master
Narrative chronology
"Slime Cube Rat Grenade" (1x31)
"Hollow Homecoming" (1x33)
Session order
"Slime Cube Rat Grenade" (1x31)
"Hollow Homecoming" (1x33)
List of Campaign 1 sessions

"My Immortal" (1x32) is the 32nd session of the first campaign of Itora. This session occurred de-synced, largely over text roleplay. Many of the events detailed below occurred overlapping or concurrently.

The party take a well-deserved day of rest on the Avarice, discussing recent revelations and generally just hanging out in a state devoid of immediate peril, for once.


Devils and Fruit

Gael asks Sela a handful of questions about some mysteries they had collected over the last few months. First, he inquires about the banner he grabbed from the devil lair the day before. The peculiar symbol of a three-horned goat is unfamiliar to them, but Sela recognizes it as the symbol of Bhilkydd, an incredibly ambitious lesser deity whose dominion resides in the Nine Hells. She suspects that the operation they found is evidence of a renewed push to extend their influence outside of the Nine Hells.

Gael also inquires about the strange fruit they obtained during their months apart[1]. Sela identifies it as a rare item called an Abyss Fruit, something she has read about and heard of but has never encountered directly before now. She explains that whoever consumes it loses the ability to swim, but gains magical power that would be unique in the whole world. After a few moments of contemplation, Gael decides that the downsides don't sound too bad, and takes a bite out of the fruit. They feel a little woozy, but otherwise no adverse effects manifest, and they begin their quest to discover the nature of the new power they obtained, derived from the spell Mind Whip.

Clarity Restored

Magpie calls Versa into the captain's quarters, wanting to discuss something on her mind. Thinking on the new information, she comes to the conclusion that the fateful day where Versa saved her from sinking below the debris of her ship, her life had already been saved - that she had already died and was resurrected by Kallas while drowning in the water. Versa calls in Sela, who performs a ritual and confirms Magpie's suspicions; she does indeed possess one thread to the Astral Sea that had previously been concealed.

Versa asks if there is a method to dig up hidden memories, to which Sela suggests Greater Restoration. She casts the spell on Magpie, restoring any memories that may have been concealed or altered from their true nature. Magpie jolts up in a sweat, as Sela cautions her to try not to remember too much at once.

I remember, being in the water, falling further away from the light of the surface, and then everything just disappeared. I remember the voice, speaking to me. Asking me to make a choice. And I made it. And then it gave me everything anyway. Or I thought it did...

...I didn't want to worry you but, would you mind listening to my heartbeat?
— Magpie to Versa

Versa feels her heartbeat to be slow for a human, especially due to the hyperventilation Magpie just went through after the ritual. Magpie reveals that this confirms her growing suspicions over the last few months, as she has noticed that her hair and nails are growing slowly, believing this means her body is no longer aging naturally. Sela confirms, stating that her magic also detected a faint undead presence from her. Versa panics a bit, worried that this means Magpie is dying. Sela offers some lukewarm consolation that Magpie is actually experiencing the opposite of dying - she is approaching undeath. If the process continues, she will no longer be at the risk of natural death, however she is not invincible, and may still be killed.

Magpie begins to recall some of the nature of the pact she agreed to with Kallas, though claims it's far too incomplete to get the whole picture immediately. Versa again attempts to reconcile this new information, wondering why Kallas chose to grant this form of immortality to Magpie - of which Versa feels Magpie is deserving - but ignore her own attempts to trade her own soul for Magpie's within the terms of the pact. In this moment, some words return to Versa - words spoken by a curious creature months prior in reference to her inquiry about what they know about Magpie.

To fight the setting sun is such a noble cause, but dusk always comes
— The Nothic to Versa[2]

The connection she draws is the setting sun represents Magpie's progression towards undeath, and dusk being the ultimate conclusion of that process; it is a reflection of perceived inevitability of the processes of the laws of nature. They joke about what their shared future may look like, like how many followers Magpie will amass and what she'll be doing a century down the line. Sela claims there isn't much the two of them can do about the situation at the moment, but the best shot is for Magpie to slowly piece together the terms of the pact to ultimately find a way to free herself from it. She asserts that breaking a pact requires knowledge of the terms, the will to break it, and likely an external power supplanting it former patron's control.

Sela also offers the same Greater Restoration for Versa, partially revealing the true events that occurred in the previously blank spaces between Magpie tossing her off the Avarice and waking up in a rowboat on the other side of the continent. She remembers being tossed overboard, losing consciousness. This is not a new memory, but it now picks up again, under the water. She feelings something grab her, but is too far gone for her other senses to pick up what it is. This memory feels mundane to Versa, but Magpie and Sela urge her to not lose faith, and that more may be revealed in time.

Magpie suggests that the two of them get some fresh air, as Sela stays behind to gather her things. The couple step outside to see the deck to be even more rambunctious as Kevin joins the fray, flying Warble around on his shoulders. Magpie asks what happened back at the village, and Versa explains. Magpie, still filled with regret at the actions that caused Warble to leave in the first place, is comforted at how at-home they seem to feel back on the ship.

In light of this new information, Magpie and Versa re-affirm their mutual commitment to their engagement. Versa reveals to Magpie the vision[3] where she encountered the first Captain Vice, recounting their story. Much to Magpie's surprise, Versa states the true name of Magpie's patron as she learned from Helen - information Magpie now remembers but was previously lost to her. Versa also reveals that she previously reached out to Kallas, who granted her a minor boon in the form of the ability to breathe underwater - a boon that has since been rescinded.

Gael and Versa

Gael, eager to test out the effects of their new fruit, proceeds to yeet themselves off the edge of the ship. They activate their Wild Bond, granting them the ability to breathe underwater. This comes in handy as they no longer risk drowning as the surrounding ocean paralyzes them. Versa leaps in after them and rescues them, with Kevin helping both back onto the deck of the ship.

Gael takes this opportunity to distract from the stunt they pulled to ask Versa whether she's doing okay or not in light of all the new information they've discovered recently.

Gael and Pine

Pine hits up Gael for some advice regarding his Patron, The Lark, considering how much time Gael has spent with them. They tell him about the projects they worked on while there, specifically the inter-planer teleportation device that was nearly complete when Gael left. Pine, suspicious about The Lark's intentions and history, interrogates Gael on both their and his moral standings on such questions as "is it wrong to murder a child". Satisfied with the response, Pine's opinion of The Lark is restored and he agrees to accompany Gael to answering The Lark's summons.

A Plea

Versa ties herself to the side of the ship and jumps into the water in an attempt to reach Kallas by being closer to his domain. She pleads to him, requesting a deal that works for everyone, but receives no immediate reply. Versa spends the rest of the day attempting to decode the Infernal cipher on the devils' documents, but makes little progress.

An Old Friend

Pine casts a new Sending to Lurtak to check up on his whereabouts.

  • Pine: (via Sending) We're all not dead. Let me know if you're living too and if you need help staying that way.
    Lurtak: I'm alive, but are you saying someone did die? Was it Versa again? She should really stop going into situations with a die-first attitude.
    Pine: I’m glad you’re okay! Versa did temporarily checkout. Magpie might be immortal; they’re working the details out with Sela. Oh, and Gael is tall-

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  • Magpie: (to Versa, about Warble) I'm glad they're safe back here. I know you didn't just do it for us, but thank you, that was immeasurably kind
  • Magpie: (about Warble's return) To be honest, things always felt incomplete, since. I feel like they're the beating heart of this crew.
  • Gael: The Lark is a cool dude though! Highly recommend hanging out with him, he was very chill.


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