Abyss Fruit

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Abyss Fruit
General information
TypeWondrous Item
Historical information

Abyss Fruits, or Fruit de l'abîme, are fist-sized fruits that grant unique abilities.


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They are fist-sized fruits that vary dramatically in shape, color, and texture. Each fruit is entirely distinct, with no two fruits ever bearing the same appearance or effect.


Each fruit contains the effects of a single spell, and transfers this effect to the creature who takes a bite from it as an action. Once a creature gains a fruit's effect, the fruit becomes inert. That creature can never gain the effect of another fruit.

When a creature eats the fruit, the magic imbued within transfers to the creature. The creature gains new magical power, the extents of which are typically limited in scope initially, but may expand to new abilities as the user experiments and pushes their own boundaries.

The name of the spell imbued within a Fruit can only be learned if it or a creature who consumed it becomes the target of an identify spell cast at the same level or higher than the fruit's spell level.

Additionally, the fruit's effect is magical in nature, and can be temporarily suppressed by effects such as an antimagic field.

The level of the spell effect provided by the fruit determines the fruit's minimum saving throw DC and Attack bonus, as well as the fruit’s rarity, as shown in the following table. If you are spellcaster, you may use your spellcasting attack bonus and DC. Otherwise, you may choose from INT, WIS, or CHA and add your proficiency bonus.

Spell Level Rarity Save DC Attack Bonus
Cantrip Rare 13 +5
1st Rare 13 +5
2nd Very Rare 13 +5
3rd Very Rare 15 +7
4th Very Rare 15 +7
5th Legendary 17 +9
6th Legendary 17 +9
7th Legendary 18 +10
8th Artifact 18 +10
9th Artifact 19 +11


All Fruit de l'abîme are cursed, as are those who consume one and gain its effects. As long as you remain cursed, your swim speed is 0 and you cannot use the spell effect granted by the Fruit as long as you are touching water. Additionally, while immersed in water, you cannot hold your breath and begin to suffocate immediately.

When a remove curse spell targets a willing creature cursed by a Fruit, the spell's caster must make an ability check using their spellcasting ability. The DC equals 10 + the fruit's spell level. On a success, the curse is removed and the Fruit's power dissipates, ending all of its effects.

If a creature cursed by a Fruit is dead for longer than 24 hours, the curse is removed and the Fruit's power dissipates, ending all of its effects.


"Vault 4: Part 1 - Disillusioned" (OSx02)

Pyre acquires and accidentally consumes an abyss fruit.

"Vault 4: Part 2 - Awakening" (OSx03)

Gael acquires an abyss fruit.

"My Immortal" (1x32)

Gael consumes an abyss fruit.