Boulangerie de Beaucoup

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Boulangerie de Beaucoup
General information
TypeWondrous Item
Historical information

Boulangerie de Beaucoup, known as the Bakery of Many to those who know its true power, is an ornate tin that can create magically-imbued confections.



An ornate metal cookie tin.


Bakery of Many

You can use an action to declare that you wish to partake in the Bakery of Many, optionally declaring what kind of confection you wish to find. Afterward, you can open the tin to find the requested treat inside, remaining there until removed. Any requested treat must be eaten within an hour of opening, else it will go stale and lose all magical properties. As soon as you consume the treat, the player must draw from a deck of Major Arcana tarot cards to determine its magical effect, which takes effect immediately. Once a specific magical effect is drawn, it cannot be drawn again. Once used, this property of the tin can’t be used again until the next dawn.

# Card Effect Use
0 The Fool Your comprehension of any language other than common is reduced to zero, and speaking any other language results in inane babble. However, your grasp of Common refines, and you gain the ability to perfectly read lips from any visible distance. These effects last until healed by Greater Restoration or Wish. Versa[1]
I The Magician Unknown
II The High Priestess Unknown
III The Empress You may permanently alter your physical body in any way, including race. Upon changing race, you will lose existing racial traits and gain those of your new race. You may use this magic at any point before you die. Gael[2]
IV The Emperor A small group of recognizes you as their Chosen One, an avatar of the gods. They will do anything to aid you and will enact your commands to the best of their abilities. Versa[3]
V The Hierophant At any time you choose within one year of eating this cookie, you can ask a question in meditation and mentally receive a truthful answer to that question. Besides information, the answer helps you solve a puzzling problem or other dilemma. In other words, the knowledge comes with wisdom on how to apply it. Lurtak[2]
VI The Lovers Fate binds you to a creature of the GM’s choice. Each of you gain half of a small heart-shaped locket that you are compelled to reform. You can sense the direction of the other half. Both creatures become aware if the halves are within 10 miles of each other. You regard each other as close friends, even after it is reformed. Versa[4]
VII The Chariot You gain advantage on death saving throws. You have a greater confidence to survive danger than you did before. You may not put yourself in those situations more, but it's more like you may overstay your welcome against danger or overestimate your own abilities Gael[2]
VIII Strength You find yourself second guessing your split-second decisions and gain disadvantage on Initiative rolls. In addition, (pending player consent) your character channels their raw emotions more, becoming easily pleased or irritated, depending on the situation. These effects last until healed by Greater Restoration or Wish. Pine[5]
IX The Hermit You feel intense discomfort around others. When more than one other creature is within 30ft of you, you gain disadvantage on all Charisma checks. This effect lasts until healed by Greater Restoration or Wish. Versa[2]
X Wheel of Fortune Unknown
XI Justice Your highest ability score decreases by 1 and your lowest ability score increases by 3. If no single ability score is the highest or lowest, roll to determine which ability score(s) are affected. Gael[6]
XII The Hanged Man Unknown
XIII Death Unknown
XIV Temperance All but one magic item you own disappear. Their direction is known to you. The distance is within a day’s travel of your current location. One or more creatures guard the location. Pine[7]
XV The Devil A nonplayer character of the DM's choice becomes hostile toward you. The identity of your new enemy isn't known until the NPC or someone else reveals it. Their sole purpose becomes to foil your efforts. This hostility can only end through a wish spell, death of the NPC, or a sufficient narrative conclusion. Gael [8]
XVI The Tower This card spells disaster. The soul of someone you know is drawn from their body and contained in an object in a place of the GM's choice. You are not immediately aware of the identity of this creature. One or more powerful beings guard the place. While their soul is trapped in this way, their body is incapacitated. The only methods to restore the soul to their body are to bring the soul and body within 5ft of each other, or a wish spell. Ricoril[9]
XVII The Star A meteor crashes before you, containing a golden lamp with two charges. You may expend one charge to cast the Wish spell in a way that does not benefit you personally, or two charges to cast the Wish spell to benefit yourself. Gael[9]
XVIII The Moon Unknown
XIX The Sun You gain the ability to expend hit dice to heal with a minute of rest, rather than a short rest. You regain all expended hit dice after completing a long rest. Gael[10]
XX Judgement Within the next year, your life up to that point will be judged. Your actions from this moment on will heavily influence the judgment. Sentences can range wildly, both positive and negative. Lurtak[3]
XXI The World Unknown

Magic Cookie

You can use an action to request a magic cookie. Inside, you will find a magical creation whose shape, taste, effects are determined by the DM, but typically fall within the magic school of Divination. A requested Magic Cookie must be eaten within an hour of opening, else it will go stale and lose all magical properties. Once used, this property of the tin can’t be used again until the next dawn.

Baker’s Tin

You can use and action and name several types of baked goods to cause the tin to produce the chosen confections. Afterward, you can open the tin as an action to find up to 10gp worth of the requested goods. They are non-magical in nature. Once used, this property of the tin can’t be used again until the next dawn.

If a requested item remains in the tin, no other properties may be used until it is removed and the tin is empty. Opening the tin without declaring a specific property will find it filled with various sewing supplies. If removed, these supplies will magically return to the tin at dawn.


"Furry Explosion" (1x43)

Versa pulls The Fool on her birthday, but doesn't immediately realize the effects until entering the city, where she promptly seeks a Greater Restoration to remove the effect.


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