Signature Items

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Signature items are magic items that either grow with the character or reveal their latent power alongside the character’s growth. A subset of signature items, Vestiges differ in creation method and ability development. Inspiration for this mechanic is based on Critical Role’s Vestiges of Divergence.

Signature Items

All Signature Items begin with humble and often unremarkable origins, eventually growing into powerful, unique, and recognizable items the user, referred to as its Champion, may become famous - or infamous - for. Signature Items develop their power dynamically, organically, and directly parallel to the growth of its user. While the source of the item’s power may involve a higher being, its creation process is largely theorized as natural magics traveling through the Champion as a conduit to the item.

Signature Items typically have five stages of development. The initial state, whether mundane or a minor enchanted item, is referred to as Inert. Once it receives its first semblance of growth, it enters its Dormant stage, developing properties akin to Rare magic items. If the item was to go without a user for a prolonged period of time, it would revert to its Dormant state for the next user. Beyond that lie the Enhanced (Very Rare) and Awakened (Legendary) stages, earning enhancements to existing abilities and/or the appearance of new ones. The final stage is Exalted (Artifact), where the item reaches its true potential.

All signature items require attunement. Any signature item used by their original Champion, however, requires attunement but does not count against their item attunement limit.

Major growth of character heralds in a new stage of power, gaining new abilities and properties specifically designed to aid the item’s Champion. The requirements of ‘growth’ is rather nebulous, but can manifest through accomplishing or taking steps toward ambitions, confronting fears, changing perspectives, or making great sacrifices.

Untold numbers of signature items have begun their growth through the ages, though few develop further than their Dormant state. Those that do are either closely guarded, stolen, or lost to the ages

After the final passing of a Signature Item’s Champion, the item gains sentience via a remnant of their soul. It retains the Champion’s personality and can communicate telepathically with the creature actively attuned to the item. If a Signature Item did not Exalt during its Champion’s lifetime, the fragment of their soul within the item will seek out those who would see their ambitions achieved. The item will only grow through accomplishing the ambitions and goals of its original Champion and the new abilities earn serve the original Champion as well. To that end, to merely ‘stand on the shoulders of the giants of ages past’ will only get you so far. Unless your motives align with the previous Champion of an item, most adventurers will more easily develop their own Signature Item through strife, victory, defeat, and growth of character than to inherit another’s.


Vestiges are artifact-level Signature Items that have been infused with power beyond mortal means. Most vestiges were created for a singular purpose, goal, or user in mind. It is said that higher beings - whether a deity, lesser idol, powerful devil, or forgotten aberration - guide their champion in the creation of these mythical artifacts, imbuing it with properties relevant to the being’s powers and motivations. Its properties are established and immutable after initial creation. While most Vestiges were passed down from champion to champion, others became lost, forgotten, and have passed into legend.

Many Vestiges have been granted sentience and exhibit will and ambitions aligning with that of its original creator. If the item and the wielder come in conflict, the Vestige will attempt to influence the wielder to follow its will.

If sealed away or left without a worthy attuned individual for a period of time, vestiges will revert to their dormant state. In this dormant state, it still imbues power to the attuned, but with time, perseverance, and personal growth, the Vestige can regain access to some of its lost abilities by reaching its awakened state. Eventually, through extreme personal challenge, evolution, and achievement, the Vestige can reach its full potential in its exalted state.

The properties of Vestiges that have not been revealed by the user cannot be determined by normal magical means. Abilities, skills, and spells that reveal the nature of magical items, such as the Identify spell, will reveal that an item is in fact a Vestige, however its specific properties will not be revealed. Given that these items have a storied and near mythical history, information is difficult, but not impossible to come by if you look in the right places.

Known Signature Items

Name Type Original champion Last known owner First appearance
Dolly Spellcasting Focus (staff) Pine Pine Campaign 1
Feybinder Weapon (longbow) Gael Gael Campaign 1
Malice Weapon (dagger) Versa Versa Campaign 1
Sword of Legends Weapon (sword) Campaign 1