Ring of Masks

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Ring of Masks
General information
TypeWondrous Item
Historical information
Created byThe Lark
OwnerFriend and Friends

The Ring of Masks is a magical item that allows others to contact the wearer and for the wearer to call others over great distance, originally prototyped by The Lark.



In its initial form, the ring takes the shape of a bracelet. With 10 minutes of concentration, the Ring can transform into any number of jewelry pieces, retaining its functionality. Where a bracelet may spin around your wrist, a pendant may morph one face into the next quickly, the form is yours to choose and customize.


As an action, you may activate a mask to begin a connection between you and the recipient, allowing you to speak in real-time. Activating multiple masks at once creates a conference call where all parties may communicate across lines. Conversations over these connections are audio-only and are audible to nearby creatures.

Connections will remain active until terminated. To terminate a connection, you must tap the contact’s corresponding mask.

To bind a contact, you must speak its command word and allow a creature to touch an unbound mask. Each mask is a likeness of the creature’s face at the time of binding. To unbind a contact, speak the command word and touch the mask you wish to unbind. The Ring of Masks holds ten masks.

If the contact possesses a Ring of Masks, binding to another Ring will cause both parties to be bound to each other’s Rings. If the contact does not possess one, the Ring will fabricate a companion mask to be given to the contact. This mask bears the likeness of the Ring’s owner, and functions the same as a normal mask.



  • This item is an expanded, homebrew version of the Ring of Masks used in Critical Role's EXU Calamity campaign.