Campaign 1 Session 52

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"Campaign 1 Session 52"
Campaign 1 session
Session no.Session 52
SystemD&D 5th Edition
Session dateFebruary 18, 2023
throughFebruary 23, 2023
Start dateFebruary 10, 354 WSK
End dateFebruary 14, 354 WSK
Bunnies as the Dungeon Master
Narrative chronology
"Campaign 1 Session 51" (1x51)
"Campaign 1 Session 53" (1x53)
Session order
"Campaign 1 Session 51" (1x51)
"Campaign 1 Session 53" (1x53)
List of Campaign 1 sessions

"Campaign 1 Session 52" (1x52) is the 52nd session of the first campaign of Itora.


Setting Course

Versa asks Kite how to do a pushup

Versa fails to do a pushup…again

silver/gold rabbit appears in Gael's bag, Gael calls him Pikachu Ripoff

3 days of travel through the swamp

Versa needles Kite for things they can do to make her feel better about visiting Daith

Daith Errands

Arrive in Daith

Versa to see Ronala and Einhard

Einhard gives her a model airship, it’s not great

Goes to the docks

Goes to see the Paryns

The Nothic

Goes to the Mytharium for research on the Orb

Check in on the Nothic

60s human woman - Professor Hayes

They go to see the “nothic”, who is now looking like a 30s human man

Gael has the lark on the call

Versa gives him a flask of rum, arcane lockbox, trinkets

Versa also has a shard of sea prism stone

He vomits out black ichor which reforms into the shape of a Nothic-like creature

They fight it

Professor casts a SUPER high level spell

Who is this man

Apprentice for High Arcanist Margo, the chief wizard of the Rottian empire at the time of the shock

Name is forgotten

Originally from Atren, the lost kingdom

Atren - Kingdom

Atranian - type of people

Atraen - Language

The Lark talks to Gael after

he and the man are kin, from the same kingdom, Atren

he wants to speak to this man, in person, but will tell Gael if his assistance is needed

Versa and Gael

Gael and Versa have a long talk about their own issues

Gael pulls The Devil


Teleport to Ockburn

Versa asks around the docks for her “dad”

leaves notices in Infernal about a lucrative job

instructions to send interest to a PO box

Gael calls Afiqa in secret for help, Afiqa says she’ll look into it but would prioritize if Versa asked

Versa expects responses within the week

They go to the orphanage

Gort is introduced to the children

It’s dagger day

Kite is amused, Sela is concerned

Gael talks to Sela, asking whether his memories have been tampered with

She says they havent been

Versa asks Sela to see whether her death counter increased

Sela says it did but the most recent two are…different. unfocused, incomplete, yet present

Recommends taking a trip to a temple to Enokro, far to the south

Versa and Magpie

Versa checks the PO box, has some responses but none promising

The Avarice arrives

Versa is disguised as herself but with no injuries

She boards the ship, greeted by magpie

Kismet headbutts her in the ass and begins a tense discussion on Versa’s latest exploits. Kismet leads the conversation, being uncharacteristically serious. She urges Versa to get her shit together, and stop worrying Magpie. Magpie rushes off to the captain’s quarters after a short outburst. Kismet, and now Lure, have a frank talk with Versa that whatever is happening right now with her isn’t normal and because of its nature, Lure believes the gods have some hand in the matter. Lure dispels the disguise Versa had, revealing her injuries. They tell Versa that she needs to figure out what the nature of this new normal is so Magpie doesn’t have to worry.

They usher her off to go to the captain’s quarters to talk to Magpie in private. Magpie sits behind the captain’s desk with her chair facing away. They talk shortly and genuinely about mistakes and apologies, but when Magpie turns around and sees Versa’s injuries, she immediately stops in her tracks and sits her down to treat her wounds. Of course, Versa’s wounds have already been treated at the hand of Sela, so this doesn’t do much, but it’s the thought that counts. As magpie treats her wounds, she reveals that Gael informed her about the incident with the dragon, to which Versa was furious. Magpie says to not be upset with Gael, as he was only doing what she asked of him. She apologizes for not being clear enough with her needs, and letting Versa think she didn’t want to be told about the dangers Versa faced.

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