Campaign 1 Arc 8

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The eighth arc of Campaign 1 of Itora begins in 354 WSK. The campaign is set in the kingdom of Rottia, on the continent of Erzune.


Session list

No. Title Session date
43 "Furry Explosion" (1x43) 2022-10-29
Ricoril says goodbye to his family as the party leave Cleiben. Setting course for Ockburn, the group confronts Afiqa about her apparent betrayal, only to find things are more complicated than they appear.
44 "Campaign 1 Session 44" (1x44) 2022-11-12
45 "Furry Explosion" (1x43) 2022-11-19
46 "Campaign 1 Session 46" (1x46) 2022-11-26
47 "Campaign 1 Session 47" (1x47) 2022-12-03
48 "Combustive Maintenance" (1x48) 2023-01-07
49 "Die At Anchor" (1x49) 2023-01-14
With the city plummeting, the separated party members take what action they can. Versa executes a risky plan with great success, but at the ultimate cost.
50 "Wishful Thinking" (1x50) 2023-01-21
Executing on a plan to rescue their imprisoned ally, F&F make a daring escape from the Feywild.