Vice's Vices

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"Vice's Vices"
Campaign 1 session
Session no.Session 11
Session dateApril 17, 2021
Start dateMay 6, 353 WSK
End dateMay 14, 353 WSK
Bunnies as the Dungeon Master
Narrative chronology
"The Crossroads" (1x10)
"A Pirate's Life" (1x12)
Session order
"The Crossroads" (1x10)
"A Pirate's Life" (1x12)
List of Campaign 1 sessions

"Vice's Vices" (1x11) is the 11th session of the first campaign of Itora.

The party plan for a week for Magpie’s arrival, staging an opportunity for Versa to have a one-on-one confrontation with her former lover and attempted killer.


Pine casts sending to Magpie a few hours later, asking her about how she acquired her dragon familiar, telling him that it was a gift from her patron. The party explore the cove below, finding it had been uninhabited for quite a few months. Salvaging a handful of magic items and platinum from the storerooms and secret stashes, they divvy up the loot and decide to tell Magpie to change course and come to their current location.

Through the sending stone, Gael alerts the Avarice of the change of plans, receiving a stern warning to not deviate further, and asking for Versa to be unshielded and sat near the grave at the top of the cliff.

Sela and Comet teleport away, agreeing to return when the party requires.

As the Avarice travels towards the meeting place, the party spend several days of downtime foraging and crafting in preparation for the contentious encounter. Versa completes her first Find Familiar ritual and brings Pyre into being for the first time.

A Fateful Meeting

Around midday, the Avarice crests into the horizon. The party take up positions - Lurtak and Versa are invisible, Gael and Pine hide in their hidey-hole. The party directs Magpie to come alone. After a few minutes, Magpie appears on the cliff top near the grave, and seems to be alone, though she cannot see anyone. She walks around the area towards the grave, where Versa uses minor illusion to once again create her voice over Magpie’s head. Unfortunately for Versa, her Invisibility drops after casting the spell, and she notices that she had been noticed by Magpie’s familiar who had been looking around from the sky. The pseudodragon drops and hisses at Versa, not attacking. Versa’s attention is drawn to the creature enough to not notice that Magpie had walked over to her location and has finally caught sight of her.

With Versa brandishing her sword and Magpie raising her wand, a tense standoff commences. Kismet drops her invisibility, revealing her presence as a contingency. After an intense line of questioning from both sides, both lower their guard, and begin to understand the complexity of the events of the last few months. Magpie claims she was not in control of herself when Versa was poisoned and thrown overboard, and she assumed Versa was dead up until the ransom note. After embraces are had and tears were shed (mostly by Magpie), Versa takes her hand and they leap off the cliff towards the water. Planned, of course, Versa casts feather fall as they land safely, splashing around in the water until they realize the entire ship, docked out in the bay, have taken notice.

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