The Crossroads

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"The Crossroads"
Campaign 1 session
Session no.Session 10
Session dateApril 10, 2021
Start dateMay 4, 353 WSK
End dateMay 6, 353 WSK
Bunnies as the Dungeon Master
Narrative chronology
"An Elaborate Ruse" (1x09)
"Vice's Vices" (1x11)
Session order
"An Elaborate Ruse" (1x09)
"Vice's Vices" (1x11)
List of Campaign 1 sessions

"The Crossroads" (1x10) is the 10th session of the first campaign of Itora.

Now protected against scrying, the party traveling through the jungle, discovering a tree from a different realm. They dispatch hostile and confused dryads in a crossroads between the planes, completing their side of their deal with Sela. Comet rejoins their traveling companion and teleports the party to the grave to Versa’s former captain to contemplate their next moves.


Versa travels back to the city, purchases another amulet to shield Gael, and heads back that night so that the party can move on without the worry of being scryed upon. The party travel along the highway and veer off the road into the jungle. Versa murders a pangolin for its scales.

With a collaborative effort, the party manage to find paths and clearings more conducive to mounted travel. Gael and Sela notice a massive tree that towers above the canopy, emanating strong inter-planar energies. No other members of the party are able to see the tree until they get close, at which point the temperature drops and the sky becomes darker.

Sela declares this is likely the location she had been searching for, that it was a fragment of another plane that exists simultaneously in the material plane and the feywild, but also neither. It is a crossroads, a shared space, one that can be very dangerous if left unresolved.

A mystic dryad emerges from the tree, riding a plant creature in the shape of an elk. She declared the party were trespassing on her domain, and that they should leave or else suffer her wrath. Sela indicated to the party that they weren’t there to just walk away. The mystic dryad caused all of the plants around the ancient tree to grow tall, creating a hard-to-traverse area for the battle that commenced.

Nearly knocking out Versa early in the fight with a Wall of Thorns, the mystic dryad separates Pine and Gael from the rest of the party. With a quick Freedom of Movement on Lurtak from Sela, the mystic dryad goes on the defensive while within his reach. Lesser dryads emerge from the tree with plant creatures under their control to attack the party and occupy them. However, Versa paralyzes the mystic dryad with a deadly poison, allowing Lurtak to finish her quickly. Not without its close calls and Versa fracturing her wrist, the party dispatches of the remaining dryads and their Thorny companions.

After a short rest, Comet arrives on the scene and the party signaled to Sela that they were ready to travel to Versa’s destination. Along with all their horses, Comet teleports the party flawlessly.

Taking in their new surroundings, Versa points out a grave for her old captain. Sela gives Versa (and the rest of the party) her long overdue rewards for the help Versa provided over a month before. Included in this payment was an Arcane lockbox which acted as a two-stage test, to see whether the party was worthy of its contents. Pine successfully dispels the lock, revealing two tuning forks. He takes some time to identify them as being attuned to the material plane and the Feywild, respectively. Versa and Gael discuss their current predicament with Magpie and whether they should contact her to change plans.

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  • Durian the Lemur
  • Mystic Dryad
  • Dryads and Thornys