Friend Facts/Gael

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Friend Facts are canon trivia or tidbits that are established out-of-character at the top of a session. Their purpose is to allow players to flesh out their characters with information that may not be easily woven into the in-character narrative.

This page is a list of Friend Facts for Gael Rhiannon, a player character in Campaign 1.

Session Fact
"Meat n Greet" (1x36) Gael always keeps trinkets on them from their friends. They use these trinkets to remember them as they change their mask to adopt that friend's form.
"Smite and Flight" (1x37) Gael doesn't like iron. It doesn't have any negative physical effects on them, but they don't like having it around them due to their mother attempting to use iron bindings under the false assumption it hurt them.
"Rumbles, Tumbles, and Fumbles" (1x38) The colors Gael wears are intentionally themed with orange, red, yellow and other warm tones to match with that of the fey summer court. They also do not drink.
"Saving Grace(lyn)" (1x39) Gael looks different than most changelings do, having totally black eyes, as opposed to totally white eyes.
"Smoke Powder Plot" (1x40) Gael gets chronic migraines.
"A Taste of Defeat" (1x41) Gael's Mark of the Elven magical tattoo seems to move around and change shape of its own will.
"A Soul Returned" (1x42) Soon after leaving their hovel in the woods, Gael got scammed in Daith by Versa. However, since both Gael and the Versa were disguised, neither party is aware of this shared encounter in the weeks before the start of the campaign.
"Furry Explosion" (1x43) Gael used to have more frequent nightmares, but they have lessened as he has developed a deeper connection with Cordelia.
"Campaign 1 Session 44" (1x44) When Gael first got telekinesis, they thought that this new power was actually a bunch of faeries pushing and pulling things at their request. They’ve since disproven this theory through testing with various spells.
"Campaign 1 Session 44" (1x44) Gael sleeps as tightly as possible, they just look like a ball of feathers sometimes.
"Campaign 1 Session 46" (1x46) Gael noticed that the handmade sweater Magpie made for Versa has a mistake in it, and it bothers them a lot, but they have resisted saying anything.
"Campaign 1 Session 47" (1x47) Gael has an extreme sweet tooth, only realized now because they didn't get many before, when living in the forest. Someone from their old party brought sweets to them once and it was love at first sight.
"Combustive Maintenance" (1x48) Gael has very sharp nails and often paints them, something he picked up and learned from his old party members who did it first. His favorite is dark pink, to match with the rest of his aesthetic.
"Die At Anchor" (1x49) Gael’s ranger friend, Arkmet was their first mentor, and also their first crush. They worked it out later, and it was awkward, and it turned out to just be aesthetic attraction in the end. This is also where they got their fashion from.
"Wishful Thinking" (1x50) One of Gael’s favorite childhood memories is when Ascara would brush and braid his hair.
"Campaign 1 Session 51" (1x51) When Gael gets really angry, they cry. They can’t handle powerful emotions well. They don’t really get angry or sad, just upset.