Help:Interwiki links

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Interwiki links are a way to link quickly to other wikis without the link appearing to take you to an external website.

The two most commonly used interwiki links on this wiki are:

  1. Links to Wikipedia pages. The syntax to use is [[w:Wizards of the Coast|Wizards of the Coast]], resulting in the following: Wizards of the Coast
  2. Links to wikis on the FANDOM website. The syntax to use is [[wikia:forgottenrealms:Dragon|Dragon]], resulting in the following: Dragon

Other useful interwiki prefixes are m or meta for the Miraheze meta wiki, and mediawikiwiki for help topics.

For example: To view the full list of interwiki link prefixes on Miraheze, please see [[m:Special:Interwiki|Miraheze's Interwiki link table]] (Miraheze's Interwiki link table)

To learn about interwiki links on MediaWiki, please go to [[mediawikiwiki:Manual:Interwiki|MediaWiki's Interwiki page]] (Mediawiki's Interwiki page)