Help:Neutral point of view

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Articles on the Itora wiki should represent views fairly and without bias. Ideally, material should be based on the show's canon or comments made by the cast, and should be sourced and attributed. In the case of pages representing analysis or interpretation such as the Relationship pages, all significant points of view should be represented, and any assumptions should be clearly labeled as such, or, ideally, left off the page in favor of canon or fact.

A neutral point of view does not mean no points of view may be represented; it means that all points of view considered should be presented neutrally, with no favoritism shown, regardless of one's own opinions or theories.

If you feel a page violates this policy, please tag it with the "Alert neutral" template as {{alert neutral|type=|info=}}. The type should be the portion of the article in question (eg, a specific section); the info parameter can be used to outline the issue.

Do not engage in edit warring in the case of a disagreement on neutral points of view. Flag the page with the template and if needed, open a discussion on the talk page or alert the administrators. If your disagreement is with an administrator, please see the Administrators code of conduct for more information on how to resolve.