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This is the cheatsheet I used when I first started editing on the wiki, making notes of the formats for various citations and references. For more details on options and other supported variables, see the individual templates.

Purpose Code Results in:
In-line episode name, using {{ep}} {{ep|2x55}} 2x55
Link to Wikipedia [[w:Steve Blum|Steve Blum]] OR {{iwl|Steve Blum|wp}} Steve Blum OR Steve Blum (wp)
Link to a Category page [[:Category:Rogues|rogue]] rogue
Adding a category to a page [[Category:Huge creatures]] The category "Huge creatures" added to the page.
Wikilink to a subheading [[Wildemount#Eiselcross|Eiselcross]] Eiselcross
Wikilink to a wiki on FANDOM [[wikia:forgottenrealms:Darkvision|Darkvision]] Darkvision
Simple footnote, using {{ep ref}} Here is some text.{{ep ref| ep=2x62| 3:40:28}} Here is some text.[1]
  1. See 2x62 at 3:40:28.
More detailed footnote Here is some text.{{ep ref| ep=2x62|3:40:28|3:45:00|more=Here is a footnote. Isn't it nifty?}} Here is some text.[1]
  1. See 2x62 from 3:40:28 through 3:45:00.  Here is a footnote. Isn't it nifty?
Naming and reusing references Here is some text.{{ep ref|ep=2x72|3:06:10|name=YouNeedMe}} Here is some more text.<ref name="Named">Here is a named ref.</ref> And this is even more text.<ref name="YouNeedMe"/><ref name="Named"/> Here is some text.[1] Here is some more text.[2] And this is even more text.[1][2]
  1. 1.0 1.1 See 2x72 at 3:06:10.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Here is a named ref.
Text hidden outside the editor Comment here.<!-- This is hidden. --> Comment here.
Redirect page On the page to be redirected (for example, "Bright Queen"), type (only!) #REDIRECT [[Leylas Kryn]] A new page redirecting wikilinks to "Bright Queen" to "Leylas Kryn".
Link to a diff Shows difference with previous revision of the same page via revision id. [[Special:Diff/164602]] Links to a diff for the page.
In-line sending * Pine: (via Sending) Initial Sending
Lurtak: Response