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Copy/Paste Code

{{alert references|image=|type=|info=}}


{{alert references|<image=[[File:IMAGENAME.JPG|60px]]>|<type=TEXT, OR LEAVE BLANK FOR article or section>|<info=ADDITIONAL INFO, SUCH AS A BULLET POINT LIST, OR LEAVE BLANK>}}


  • {{{image}}} must be an image file on this wiki.  Leave blank to use the default image.
  • {{{type}}} is any text, ideally "article" or "section" (without the quotation marks).
  • {{{info}}} is any explanatory text you want to include, such as a short bullet-point list of issues that need to be resolved.

Sample Output

{{alert references
	|info=* References needed for biography and inventory.
* Convert refs to {{t|ep ref}}s.
produces this box:Template:Alert references