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This template will generate up to five side-by-side columns for text, lists, or other content.  The number of columns is automatically determined based on whether a column's contents are defined.

This template will respect the widths of adjacent infoboxes, image thumbnails, and other content.




Type {{div columns|<line=>|<col1=CONTENT>|<col2=CONTENT>|<col3=CONTENT>|<col4=CONTENT>|<col5=CONTENT>}} somewhere.

  • The number of columns created is determined by whether or not you define col5, col4, col3, or col2.
    • Minimum is 2 columns; maximum is 5 columns.
  • You can insert a vertical line separator between the columns.
    • If line= is set to any of the following, then the default vertical line separator will appear between the columns:  true, default, normal, yes, y
    • If line= is set to a CSS-compliant border value, then that's how the line will appear.
    • If line= is not listed, or if it is left empty, or if it is set to "none" or any non-CSS compliant value, then no line will appear.
  • If a column begins with a heading (such as === Heading ===) or a list item (such as * bullet item), then you must type <nowiki /> followed by a new line before typing the wikimarkup.
  • Depending on how or where this template is used in an article, it may be sensible to precede or follow it with {{clr}} in order to prevent other content from limiting the column widths.



{{div columns|line=none
|col1=This is text in the first column.  Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.  Vestibulum sed purus sed urna facilisis fermentum.  Maecenas tempus urna eget magna.
|col2=Bulleted List:
* Item 1
* Item 2
* Item 3}}


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