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This template produces the YouTube URL of an episode of Critical Role, especially for the purpose of appending a timecode for references using {{Ep ref}}.

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  • {{{ep}}} is the name of the episode in any format (for example, 1x48 or Into the Frostweald).
    • The first unnamed parameter will be treated as the episode name if {{{ep}}} is not provided.
  • {{{part}}} applies only when the YouTube videos are split into multiple parts, as with Denouement, or if someone gets confused by the "Trial of the Take" episodes having "Part [X]" in the name.
  • {{{vod}}} is an option to use a manually-supplied URL as a backup in case no result is returned by the switcher. It takes last priority after any other URL found by the switcher.

Sample Output

{{Ep/YTURLSwitcher|ep=1x48|part=|vod=}} ...yields... Script error: No such module "Ep/YTURLSwitcher".

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