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This ep template translates an episode name or number into a wikilinked episode title.  Almost any format of the name or number should work, but please leave a comment on the this template's talk page if you've encountered an error.


  • Module:Ep/Switcher:  Converts episode names and numbers to a standardized name or the [Chapter]x[Episode] shortcode.
  • Module:AirdateOrder: Assists with relational identification of episodes by airdate order.


To use this template, simple write {{ep|Episode}} and replace the red "Episode" with the name or number of the episode:

Usage Gives
{{ep|1x01}} "Friends and Fiends" (1x01)
{{ep|2x01}} "Vault 4: Part 1 - Disillusioned" (OSx02)
{{ep|TMx98}} "Love and Legacy" (1xDT04)

The episode parameter can be provided in many different formats, this wiki's Campaign x Episode format of CxEE, the episode name, and the wikilinked episode name.  All of the following ways of using the {{ep}} template will produce the same output, except when the provided name or number isn't recognized:

Usage Gives
{{ep|1x01}} "Friends and Fiends" (1x01)
{{ep|1x1}} "Friends and Fiends" (1x01)
{{ep|Arrival at Kraghammer}} "Friends and Fiends" (1x01)
{{ep|[[Arrival at Kraghammer]]}} Friends and Fiends
{{ep|asdf}} asdf

Optional Parameters

The following optional parameters may be used to modify how the episode name is displayed.  Except as noted, the optional parameters may be used at the same time:

Parameter Format Function
text text=[insert text]
Any custom wikitext
Replaces the episode title with the custom text.  Accepts wikimarkup.
plain plain=true
Any value defaults to "true"
Removes the quotation marks.
bold bold=true
Any value defaults to "true"
Makes the episode title display in bold, but not the quotation marks nor the parenthetical CxEE episode code.
nolink nolink=true
Any value defaults to "true"
Disables the wikilink on the episode title, leaving it as plaintext.
after after=[insert text]
Any custom wikitext
Inserts custom text between the linked episode name and the closing quotation mark.  Useful for putting sentence punctuation inside the quotation marks.
hide hide=true
Any value defaults to "true"
Hide the parenthetical CxEE episode code.


Usage Produces Notes
{{ep|1x01|text=Custom Text}} "Custom Text" (1x01) Custom text parameter.  Note that it still links to the episode specified.
{{ep|1x01|plain=true}} Friends and Fiends (1x01) Prevents quotation marks.
{{ep|1x01|bold=1}} "Friends and Fiends" (1x01) Changes the text within the quotation marks to bold.  Useful when used with nolink=true.
{{ep|1x01|nolink=true}} "Friends and Fiends" (1x01) Disables the wikilink.
{{ep|1x01|after=.}} "Friends and Fiends." (1x01) Displays text between the title and second quotation mark.  Useful when used with hide=true.
{{ep|1x01|hide=true}} "Friends and Fiends" Hide the trailing parenthetical [Chapter]x[Episode].
Useful Combinations
{{ep|1x01|bold=true|nolink=true}} "Friends and Fiends" (1x01) For use on episode pages when the episode has wikimarkup in the name, such as Critical Role Q&A and Battle Royale!.
{{ep|1x01|hide=1|after=.}} "Friends and Fiends." Displays a "." (or any other text desired) within the quotes and hides the trailing [Chapter]x[Episode].
{{ep|Consequences and Cows|text=hilarious episode|plain=true}} Consequences and Cows Keeps the CxEE while customizing the text.  This Consequences and Cows will make you laugh!


If the episode does not exist, then the template will produce the text provided:

Usage Produces
{{ep|999x01}} 999x01
{{ep|[[999x01]]}} 999x01
{{ep|The '''Best''' Episode ''EVARRR''!!!}} The Best Episode EVARRR!!!
{{ep|This title features wikimarkup ''and'' an [http://www.w3schools.com/html/ HTML]<br />line-break.}} This title features wikimarkup and an HTML

However, when linking to an existing episode, it is preferable to provide custom text using the {{{text}}} parameter along with the actual episode name or number.  That way, the trailing (CxEE) and tooltip will still function, as will the link to the episode's page.