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  • This template will make it easier to insert episode timecode links, especially when adding multiple instances to the {{{intro}}} or {{{more}}} section of an {{ep ref}}.

Copy/Paste Code

{{ep time|ep=|part=|vod=|START|END|punc=|cite=|hideep=|hidewords=|nsfw=}}


{{ep ref|<ep=NAME OR NUMBER>|<part=PART>|<vod=URL>|<START>|<END>|<punc=,>|<cite=TRUE>|<hideep=TRUE>|<hidewords=TRUE>|<nsfw=TRUE>}}


  • {{{ep}}} is the episode name or the episode code in [campaign]x[episode] format. For example, "Friends and Fiends" (1x01) is "ep=1x01". All episode formats are accepted, including ep=1x01, ep=1, ep=01, ep=001, ep=Arrival at Kraghammer, and ep=[[Arrival at Kraghammer]].
    • If {{{ep}}} is left blank, then the current page's name will be used. This template will be updated at a later time to detect whether the current page is an episode page or not.
  • {{{part}}} indicates which part of an episode you are referencing when Geek & Sundry posts multiple parts of an episode on YouTube. Simply use a number, such as 1 or 2 or 3.
  • START and END are timecodes for the section of the episode being referenced. They are unnamed parameters, meaning you don't type them after a parameter name and equals sign.
    • START and END timecodes take the format of "1:23:45" (hours:minutes:seconds). "45" is interpreted as 45 seconds. "3:45" is interpreted as 3 minutes and 45 seconds.
    • START may be used without END, and the reference text will change accordingly.
    • END cannot be used without START, because the template will interpret the END timecode as START.
  • {{{vod}}} is the direct YouTube URL for a video, and it is optional.
    • This template will automatically use the YouTube URL of any episode in our database ({{Ep/Switcher}} and {{Ep/YTURLSwitcher}}, which work together).
    • This template will use the user-supplied URL only as a last resort if a matching URL for the episode name is not found.
    • Long or short YouTube URLs will work, but they should link directly to the episode (not a playlist, timecode, or channel).
  • {{{punc}}} will insert text immediately before the [citation needed] tag. Useful for adding a comma or period, for example.
  • {{{cite}}} causes the {{cite}} tag to appear immediately after the timecode(s). Entering any value (such as "1" or "true", or even "0" or "false") will cause the citation tag to be applied.
  • {{{hideep}}} will hide the episode name from the output.
  • {{{hidewords}}} will hide the words from the output, resulting in a more condensed format.
  • {{{nsfw}}} adds a "not safe for work" warning to the end of an ep ref. Entering any value (such as "1" or "true", or even "0" or "false") will cause the NSFW warning to be applied.


* {{ep time|ep=1x41|part=2|1:23:45|9:87:65|cite=true|nsfw=true}}
* {{ep time|ep=1x41|part=2|1:23:45|9:87:65|hideep=true|hidewords=true}}
* {{ep ref|intro=This reference describes the first time something happens.|ep=1x01|1:00:00|more=Something also happens several more times, at {{ep time|ep=1x01|1:01:00|hideep=true|hidewords=true}}, {{ep time|ep=1x01|1:02:00|hideep=true|hidewords=true}}, and {{ep time|ep=1x01|1:03:00|hideep=true|hidewords=true}}, then again in {{ep time|ep=1x02|2:00:00|3:00:00}}.}}
produces the following output:

Sample Output Reference:

  1. This reference describes the first time something happens.  See "Friends and Fiends" (1x01) at 1:00:00.  Something also happens several more times, at Template:Ep time, Template:Ep time, and Template:Ep time, then again in Template:Ep time.