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This template is used to link to image categories in that's similar to {{main}}. When just the template is placed onto the article, it links to the image category by pulling from the name of the article. So, if {{image category}} is placed onto the article Fjord, it will create a link to Category:Images of Fjord. For an example of this in action in the mainspace, see Laudna#Art gallery.

If you would like to specify a link to a specific category that is not the article's name, simply insert the template as {{image category|name of subject}}. This should be extremely useful for subjects that include a definite article before them, which is often dropped in article names, or for subjects that are collected under a broader unit:

{{image category|Exandrian moons}}
For more images, see Category:Images of Exandrian moons.
{{image category|the Mighty Nein}}
For more images, see Category:Images of the Mighty Nein.
{{image category|the Clay family}}
For more images, see Category:Images of the Clay family.