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This template automatically categorizes characters by class according to the parameter {{{Class}}} fed to {{Infobox Character}}. The following categories are used:

Text Autocategory
alchemist Category:Alchemists
archfey Category:Archfey
artificer Category:Artificers
barbarian Category:Barbarians
bard Category:Bards
blood hunter Category:Blood hunters
cleric Category:Clerics
companion Category:Companions
deity Category:Deities
druid Category:Druids
elementalist Category:Elementalists
fighter Category:Fighters
monk Category:Monks
mystic Category:Mystics
paladin Category:Paladins
pet Category:Companions
ranger Category:Rangers
rogue Category:Rogues
rune scribe Category:Rune Scribes
sorcerer Category:Sorcerers
warlock Category:Warlocks
wizard Category:Wizards