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This autocategorization template is used by {{Infobox Character}} to take the CreatureType parameter fed into the infobox and then automatically categorize the infobox's page.  It only works when transcluded into the mainspace.

For example, the character page "Pike Trickfoot" uses {{Infobox Character}}, and {{{CreatureType}}} is defined as Humanoid.  The infobox then calls {{Infobox Character/CreatureTypeCategorization}}, which tells it to add the "Pike Trickfoot" page to "Category:Humanoids".



Type {{Infobox Character/CreatureTypeCategorization|CreatureType=}}, where {{{CreatureType}}} is one (or more) of the following creature types:

  • aberration
  • beast
  • celestial
  • construct
  • deity
  • demon
  • devil
  • dragon
  • elemental
  • fey
  • fiend
  • giant
  • humanoid
  • monstrosity
  • ooze
  • plant
  • sentient item
  • undead

The creature type must be spelled exactly as listed above, although it is not case-sensitive and it may be preceded or followed by any other text.

Sample Output

{{Infobox Character/CreatureTypeCategorization|CreatureType=Dragon}}

{{Infobox Character/CreatureTypeCategorization|CreatureType=The Raven Queen was formerly humanoid and is now a deity.}}

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