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This template automatically categorizes characters by race according to the parameter {{{Race}}} fed to {{Infobox Character}}. The following categories are used:

Text Autocategory
aasimar Category:Aasimar
aboleth Category:Aboleths
argonian Category:Lizardfolk
basilisk Category:Basilisks
beast Category:Beasts
  • displacer beast
Category:Displacer beasts
beholder Category:Beholders
bugbear Category:Bugbears
bulette Category:Bulettes
cambion Category:Cambions
centaur Category:Centaurs
cloaker Category:Cloakers
cloud giant Category:Cloud giants
cyclops Category:Cyclopes
dark elf Category:Drow
darkmantle Category:Darkmantles
death knight Category:Death knights
demilich Category:Demiliches
demon Category:Demons (race)
deva Category:Devas
devil Category:Devils (race)
  • barbed devil
Category:Barbed devils
  • bearded devil
Category:Bearded devils
  • bone devil
Category:Bone devils
  • chain devil
Category:Chain devils
  • horned devil
Category:Horned devils
  • spined devil
Category:Spined devils
devil's tongue Category:Tieflings
doppelganger Category:Doppelgangers
dracolich Category:Dracoliches
dragon Category:Dragons
  • dragon turtle
Category:Dragon turtles
  • dragonborn
  • black dragon
Category:Black dragons
  • blue dragon
Category:Blue dragons
  • brass dragon
Category:Brass dragons
  • bronze dragon
Category:Bronze dragons
  • chromatic dragon
Category:Chromatic dragons
  • copper dragon
Category:Copper dragons
  • faerie dragon
Category:Faerie dragons
  • gold dragon
Category:Gold dragons
  • green dragon
Category:Green dragons
  • half-dragon
  • metallic dragon
Category:Metallic dragons
  • platinum dragon
Category:Platinum dragons
  • pseudodragon
  • red dragon
Category:Red dragons
  • white dragon
Category:White dragons
  • silver dragon
Category:Silver dragons
dragon turtle Category:Dragon turtles
dragonborn Category:Dragonborn
dryad Category:Dryads
duergar Category:Duergar
dwarf Category:Dwarves
eisfuura Category:Eisfuura
elemental Category:Elementals
elf Category:Elves
  • dark elf
  • half-elf
erinyes Category:Erinyes
ettin Category:Ettins
firbolg Category:Firbolgs
fire giant Category:Fire giants
fomorian Category:Fomorians
frost giant Category:Frost giants
genasi Category:Genasi
  • air genasi
Category:Air genasi
  • earth genasi
Category:Earth genasi
  • fire genasi
Category:Fire genasi
  • water genasi
Category:Water genasi
genie Category:Genies
ghost Category:Ghosts
giant Category:Giants (race)
  • cloud giant
Category:Cloud giants
  • fire giant
Category:Fire giants
  • frost giant
Category:Frost giants
  • hill giant
Category:Hill giants
  • stone giant
Category:Stone giants
  • storm giant
Category:Storm giants
githyanki Category:Githyanki
githzerai Category:Githzerai
glabrezu Category:Glabrezus
gnoll Category:Gnolls
gnome Category:Gnomes
goblin Category:Goblins
golem Category:Golems
goliath Category:Goliaths
Text Autocategory
goristro Category:Goristros
grick Category:Gricks
griffon Category:Griffons
hag Category:Hags
half-elf Category:Half-elves
half-orc Category:Half-orcs
halfling Category:Halflings
harpy Category:Harpies
hill giant Category:Hill giants
hobgoblin Category:Hobgoblins
human Category:Humans
illithid Category:Mind Flayers
imp Category:Imps
intellect devourer Category:Intellect devourers
kenku Category:Kenku
kobold Category:Kobolds
kraken Category:Krakens
lich Category:Liches
lizardfolk Category:Lizardfolk
lycanthrope Category:Lycanthropes
manticore Category:Manticores
mind flayer Category:Mind Flayers
minotaur Category:Minotaurs
myconid Category:Myconids
naga Category:Nagas
nergaliid Category:Nergaliids
nymph Category:Nymphs
ogre Category:Ogres
oni Category:Oni
ooze Category:Oozes
orc Category:Orcs
  • half-orc
otyugh Category:Otyughs
pegasus Category:Pegasi
pit fiend Category:Pit Fiends
pixie Category:Pixies
  • wisher pixie
Category:Wisher Pixies
planetar Category:Planetars
pseudodragon Category:Pseudodragons
purple worm Category:Purple worms
rakshasa Category:Rakshasas
remorhazes Category:Remorhazes
revenant Category:Revenants
roc Category:Rocs
satyr Category:Satyrs
shadow Category:Shadows
skeleton Category:Skeletons
sphinx Category:Sphinxes
stone giant Category:Stone giants
storm giant Category:Storm giants
tiefling Category:Tieflings
  • devil's tongue
treant Category:Treants
troll Category:Trolls
umber hulk Category:Umber hulks
unicorn Category:Unicorns
vampire Category:Vampires
yeti Category:Yeti
zombie Category:Zombies