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To use this template, copy the following code and fill in the appropriate fields.


{{Infobox Comic Book
|title = 
|image = 
|caption = 
<!-- Attribution Information -->
|writer = 
|artist = 
|penciller = 
|inker = 
|letterer = 
|colorist = 
|cover artist = 
|editor = 
<!-- Publication Information -->
|publisher = 
|publication date = <!-- YYYY-MM-DD -->
|pages = 
|dimensions = 
|UPC = 
<!-- Chronology -->
|timeline = 
|series = 
|issue = 
|previous = 
|next = 


  • Title: The full title of the comic.
  • Image: The cover art of the comic.
  • Caption: A brief description of the cover art of the comic. Be sure to properly credit the cover artist.
  • Writer/Writers: The credited writer(s) of the comic.
  • Penciller/Pencillers: The credited penciller(s) of the comic.
  • Inker/Inker: The credited inker(s) of the comic.
  • Letterer/Letterer: The credited letterer(s) of the comic.
  • Colorist/Colorist: The credited colorist(s) of the comic.
  • Illustrator/Illustrators: The credited illustrator(s) of art in the comic.
  • Cover Artist/Cover Artists: The credited cover artist(s) of the comic.
  • Editor/Editors: The credited editor(s) of the comic.
  • Publisher: The credited individual and/or company that published the comic.
  • Publication date: The date(s) the comic was published, in format YYYY-MM-DD.
  • Pages: The total number of pages in the comic.
  • ISBN: Simply place the UPC code for the comic in this field and the wikitext will do the rest.
  • Timeline: If applicable, the years and key events the storyline covers.
  • Series: If applicable, the series the comic is an entry of.
  • Issue: If applicable, the issue number in the series the comic is an entry of.
  • Previous: The previous entry in the series.
  • Next: The next entry in the series.