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To use this template, copy the following code and fill in the appropriate fields.


{{Infobox Event
<!-- Chronology -->
<!-- Historical Information -->


  • Title: The name of the event.
  • Image: A good-quality image of the event.
  • Caption: A brief description of the infobox image. Be sure to properly credit the artist.
  • Previous: The event or conflict that occurred directly before this event.
  • Concurrent: Events or conflicts that occurred at the same time as this event.
  • Next: The event or conflict that occurred directly after this event.
  • Also known as: Any alternative name or nickname for the event.
  • Began: The date the event began.
  • Ended: The date the event ended.
  • Date: The date the event took place. (use it it took place on a single day)
  • Outcome: The biggest things that happened as a direct result of the event.
  • Location: The primary location of the event.
  • Participants: Significant figures that took part in the event.