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To use this template, copy the following code and fill in the appropriate fields.


{{Infobox Ship
|title = 
|image = 
|caption = 
<!-- General Information -->
|full name = 
|aka = 
|type = 
|location = 
|captain = 
|notable crew = 
|flag = 
|affiliation = 
<!-- Configuration -->
|tonnage = 
|crew = 
|passengers = 
|armament = 
|cargo = 
|keel length = 
|beam width = 


  • Title: The name of the ship.
  • Image: A good-quality image of the ship.
  • Caption: The {{Art caption}} for the image, including the artist.
  • Full name: If applicable, the ship's full name or designation.
  • Also known as: Alternative names, nicknames, etc. that the ship is, or has been, called by or referred to as.
  • Type: The type of ship, such as Sailing Ship, Skyship, Galleon, Cog, Rowboat, etc.
  • Location: The geographical region, berth city, body of water, or wreck site where the ship can typically be found.
  • Captain: Highest ranking crew member of the ship.
  • Notable crew: Notable crew members of the ship.
  • Flag: A brief description of the flag or standard flown by the ship.
  • Affiliation: Governments, organizations, and other groups the ship is affiliated with.
  • Tonnage: The approximate size of the ship in tons, where one ton is defined to be a volume of 100 cubic yards.
  • Crew: The typical number of crewmembers aboard the ship.
  • Passengers: The creature capacity not including the crew.
  • Armament: A list of weapons used by the ship.
  • Cargo: The carrying capacity of the ship in "cargo" tons.
  • Keel length: The length of the shop's keel or central beam.
  • Beam width: The width of the ship.