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This in-line template notes that a character appearance was controlled by one or more players other than the original player.  It is intended to be used in a character infobox after an episode in the {{{First}}}, {{{Appearances}}}, or {{{Last}}}.

This template is based on Template:DM. The name comes from the phrase "Jaeger-ing", used by the Critical Role cast to describe when two players are controlling an absent player's character (Liam & Laura for Pike, Taliesin & Marisha for Scanlan), as a reference to the movie Pacific Rim.


To use this template, type {{Jaeger}} somewhere in the text.  The parameters will be enclosed in a formatting change. The first parameter should be the name of the episode, and the second should be the name(s) of the player(s) controlling the character.


{{Jaeger|{{ep|1x79}}|Liam & Laura}}
1x79 [Liam & Laura]