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This template will signal to the reader that the spelling of a name or other word is unknown or assumed-but-unconfirmed.  This template also adds the page to Category:Articles needing presumption confirmation.

Please cite your reference(s) for proper spelling of a name on that character/location's primary page.  If no other appropriate page exists, then cite your reference on the page being edited.  Please also find/replace all instances of the name in an article before removing this template from a page.


{{presumed}} {{presumed|<1=INSIDE>|<select=SELECT>|<tag=TAG>}}


  • {{{1}}} (the first unnamed parameter) passed to the template will be added inside the tag as wikitext after a comma.
    • This is useful for a short clarification of how/why something is presumed.  Examples might include [presumed, body language] if a declarative statement is made based on a cast member's body motions, or [presumed, could be impostor] if a known character's behavior is suspicious enough that their identity is uncertain.
  • {{{select}}} will enclose that text in a <span> element with a dotted red underline and the "help" cursor, along with a tooltip.  The actual [presumed] tag will follow this selected text.
  • {{{tag}}} can be used to replace the text inside the brackets.  Examples might include [implied], [unknown], [deceit?], or [unconfirmed].


Cassandra is alive.{{presumed|could be charmed/impostor}}
Cassandra is {{presumed|select=alive}}.
Cassandra is {{presumed|select=alive|tag=illusion?}}.